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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares Top 10 Tips to Enjoy your Wedding Day

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So you're getting married, you've read the magazines, pinned to your hearts content and you couldn't possibly be anymore prepared. However, there are a lot of times couples look back and think about what they may have done differently. Here are some top tips for your wedding day to ensure you have the best day!

1. Eat!

The morning of your wedding is wonderful but you will certainly be feeling the jitters! Make sure you organise breakfast, whether that be at a hotel if you are staying over the night before or a mini buffet while you are getting ready (complete with bubbles of course). Weddings are a long day and if you don't eat in the morning you may not get to eat until your wedding breakfast. With the bubbles flowing, and all of the excitement, its so important - make sure you give this task to one of your bridal party.

This also extends to the rest of the day, make sure you eat your wedding breakfast (you have paid a lot for this remember!), but also make sure you have something in the evening. Whether you're having a buffet or street food, make sure you try something. Again I would put one of your bridal party in charge of making sure you eat, that way you know you will have tried the wonderful food but also wont feel faint or unwell. You could ask your venue to plate some of the leftover evening food for you to take to the room and have as a late night snack!

2. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drinks lots of water and soft drinks. Of course the bubbles will be flowing and your guests will want to spoil you with drinks but try not to get carried away, you don't want a dreaded hangover the next morning. To ensure you remember your night, don't feel faint and have a great time, I would suggest the following:

- Drinking water and fruit juice in the morning and whilst you are getting ready (in between bubbles of course)

- Having some water on hand during your photo's, especially if it's a hot day (you can delegate this to a bridesmaid)

- Having jugs of water on the tables during your wedding breakfast. Sipping on water between glasses of wine will keep you and your guests hydrated throughout the meal

- Having soft drinks between alcoholic drinks during your evening reception. This will keep you hydrated and also help to fight off any potential hangover in the morning

BONUS - Ask your venue to set up a water station for around an hour before your reception is due to end. Trust me - your guests will thank you for this one!

3. Spend Some Time Alone Together

Your wedding day is spent apart for a lot of the morning and early afternoon, then most couples spend more time making sure their guests are happy rather than with each other. Whilst it is great to spend time with your guests who have made the effort to come to your wedding, make sure you carve out time just for yourselves. Even a quick 10 minutes alone while your guests are being seated ensures you can be alone and present with each other on the first day of the rest of your lives!

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4. Delegate Jobs

You need to make sure you enjoy the day and aren't worrying about whether the centrepieces are facing the right way! If you don't already have a wedding planner then an on the day coordinator may be the way forward for this. If this is an expense you can't afford then talk to your venue, a lot of venues have coordinators that will be there on the day for you. Make sure you talk through their roles, for example, will they help set the table decor or do you need to organise someone for this? You could check with suppliers as well to see what exactly they will do but you do also have a bridal party you can call upon to ensure everything runs smoothly!

If you are in need of some extra help on the day, we have the perfect service for this! Head over to our services page and get in contact for a no obligation chat!

5. Pack Flat Shoes or Flip Flops

Wearing heels all day will play havoc on your feet so make sure you pack a pair of comfy flats or flip flops to swap in too. That way you can carry on the party and dance the night away!

6. Speak to your Guests

You won't be able to spend equal time with each guest and you might miss out speaking with people that have spent time and money coming to your special day. My advice would be to have a formal line up whilst your guests are walking through to sit down for your wedding breakfast. This way you have a small bit of time to greet each guest and thank them for coming. It would be so great to be able to spend 10minutes with each guest to really talk to them and thank them, but this isn't realistic on the day. This small gesture will be enough to ensure everyone feels included.

7. Spend Some Time with your Parents

Your wedding day is also a big day for your parents, the day their child gets married and really goes off in to the adult world. Make sure you spend some time with them, have your Mum present during the morning preparations and have your Dad come along a little bit earlier, instead of meeting him at the end of the aisle. Keep the father/daughter dance, it really is a special time! Make sure they feel special too, a lot of parents see it as a closing chapter for them, a day where you won't be relying on them in the same way. It's also nice to have a mini support system on the day to help calm the nerves!

8. Leave your Mobile Phone Behind

You don't need it! Leave it turned off in the room or hand it over to your Maid of Honour. If you are worried about suppliers not being able to reach you then give them some one else's contact information, either your wedding planner or a bridesmaid. You don't need to be stressed and worrying on the day and leaving your phone behind makes sure you are present.

9. Have an Emergency Kit

This sounds scary but is far from it! If you have a wedding planner they usually include this (I do) but if not, it's definitely something to think about. Here is a short list of things to include and why:

- Safety pins - for any accidents that need a helping hand

- White chalk - to cover up any marks on your dress for the photos (your photographer should be able to edit these out but chalk will definitely help)

- Paracetamol, electrolytes, stomach settlers - medicine like this will help feign off any headaches or nervous bellies and also help rehydrate any brides that may not have take point 2's advice!

- Plasters - just incase but also great for blisters!

- Mini nail kit - containing tweezers, clippers, scissors and a file. While they will help with a nail catastrophe, they also have small pros individually. For example, a loose thread can be cut with the small scissors!

- Mini toiletries - mini deodorant, mini dry shampoo, mini perfume etc. Things like this are handy to have ready. For example, if it's a hot day stashing a mini deodorant in your Mums handbag will definitely come in handy!

There are so many things that can help for accidents on your wedding day.

10. Most Importantly - Enjoy your Day!

Make sure you enjoy the day - after all you've spent so much effort ensuring your guests have a good time! Get on that dance floor, eat that wedding cake and have the time of your lives, you deserved it!

However you decide to spend your wedding day, these tips will ensure you make the most of it!

Amy xo

Wedding Planners and Stylists

Miss Carlysle and Co - Weddings & Events

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