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Wedding Stylist Cambridgeshire Shares Styling Inspiration 

Our in-house stylist at Miss Carlysle and Co is Beth, and we are dedicated to working with you no matter your budget, style or vision. Small or large weddings, we can work with you to bring your vision to life. The items we offer are bespoke and, for this reason, we do not offer styling set packages because some couples may only want table styling and not other extras that might not be desired. You can simply book and choose the items you wish from our brochure.

We can take care of everything from signage to table styling to full venue styling. If you're unsure about styles, I will guide and support you each and every step of the way. We save you time and money and give you a lot of options.

Simply follow our work, contact us for more information, and we'll hold your date for £25 while we talk through your plans. 3-6 months before the event, we confirm the date. In order to ensure we are on the same page, Beth will contact you to discuss your plans further, and we will ask you to send us images of your dress, your bridesmaids' dresses/suits, and the flowers. 

Welcome Sign

Reserved signs 

Order of the day

Bar / Cocktail signs

Guest book

Card & Gifts Sign

Table Plan

Place Names


Table Numbers 

Having the signage set the scene for your wedding day, giving your guests a glimpse of what's to come for the day ahead, eliminates any questions guests may have since they are able to see clearly what's going on. The welcome signage lets guests know they are welcome at your venue, and it allows them time to explore the space and figure out where everything is. We don't want guests to miss out on any activities during the day. 


Aisle Styling 

Many people overlook the aisle - By adding simple, elegant styling to the aisle, the room can be transformed. The copper arch with white drapes can be the ceremony backdrop.

Arrangements include- Lanterns, glass cylinders with pillar candles (small, medium, large sizes available). If candles are not permitted, we have LED. Aisle Runners and Chairs - Drapings, Chair Covers, & Sashes 

We will work closely with your florist to add these elements to our styling.

Have you considered your plans for your chairs?

Time has moved on from ugly styled chairs, where you always had to cover them. 

Different styled chairs include ideas such as Chivari chairs, Wooden chairs, Louis chairs, Dior chairs and many more!

Adding chair drapes or sashes can add beauty to the chairs. Options are tying the sash in a bow, classic single drape or luxurious woven drapes, with the chance to add in any ribbons, foliage, brochures and flowers. 

The options are endless!

However... if your venue does has chairs you need to cover then this is also something we can do and add a sash (With a whole range of colours available).

Nedging Hall - Laura Williams Photography - 13.jpg

The finishing touches to the table... this is after you consider your plates, glassware, cutlery, and napkins. If you are unsure of what table styling you are after then that is where we come in to help, we can provide you with ideas, or if you know what vision you want then you can choose from our prop hire collection and we can bring this vision to life. 

We have a whole range of decorations to create your beautiful tablescape. Deciding on different coloured candles, choosing the right flowers with them being either minimal or high floral centrepieces, having a rustic log slice or a classic mirrored plate. Adding the romantic feel with candles, with a range of different candlestick holders and different coloured candles, with tealight holders & different coloured tealight holders. We always ensure that the tealights are a minimum of 8 hours to make sure you get the most out of the tealight holders. When it comes to adding the atmosphere to your venue, tealights provide a subtle glow, and pillar candles/taper candles truly allow for the room to glow. We love Ester & Erik candles, we are happy to find out your colour palette and find you the perfect candles. As a standard we use white or ivory candles, you can upgrade to coloured candles. 

If you have already chosen your florist then we will work with them closely to see how we can create the perfect tablescape that you are after. I love creating centrepieces, our style isn't fishbowls or martini vases but we can recommend to you other suppliers who do this, and we can provide you with the table that we love to create.

Table numbers and stands - We have a lovely range of table numbers. Our most popular is our floating gold frames, which open up so we can add a sprig of foliage, pampas, or something else that you might like. We also have clean-cut acrylic signs in a modern calligraphy style. Then there are laser-cut wooden numbers and wooden blocks. We also have a range of stands to hold table number cards which are much more attractive than the standard catering ones that venues normally provide, so if you're having your cards made, then we can still display them beautifully for you.

Charger plates - We can suit any style from elegant/rustic & boho, using our silver or gold-beaded charger plates, simple gold-rimmed, rustic charger plates, and woven charger plates. 

Table styling items to consider:

  • Candlestick holders

  • Tealight holders

  • Lanterns 

  • Charger plates 

  • Table numbers 

  • Log slices / Mirrored plates 

  • Table runners

  • Place names 

  • Menus 

Setting the mood for the night with the style of the table... Impressions last a lifetime, the first time you see the tables you want the wow factor and to be truly blown away. Changing the silverware to classic golden wedding tableware, linking with gold accents in the table, adding an elegant and sophisticated feel to the table. 

Items to consider are side plates, starter plates, main plates, dessert plates, cutlery, teacups and saucers, and glassware.


Our ranges 


Table settings - Opting for high quality and what we pride ourselves on.


Glassware to consider - Welcome Drinks, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast e.g. Tumblers, White & Red Wine & Champagne Flutes, Cocktail Hour, Evening Party.


Crockery / Cutlery - Styles such as gold, bronze, rose gold, boho or rustic. Consider what you are eating for your meal - are you having a starter main dessert, then think what you are having for those meals e.g. cheese knife, steak knife, soup spoon. 


Napkins - Napkins are a must, you don't want your guests splashing any red wine down themselves, you can go for standard white napkins or you can upgrade with a whole range of colours available, e.g. light pink, light grey, dove grey, sage green, light blue, dusty pink, neutrals. 

Naked trestle tables do not need covering up, however, if you have basic tables then you might want to cover these up with tablecloths, there are a range of different colours you can decide on. You can go for a standard white or you can upgrade to off-white, pink, light grey, dove grey, black and more. 

ER Postbox.jpg

We have a range of different post boxes & card boxes available for hire, adding the styling aspect here can come through a table runner, tealight holders, candlestick holders. Working with every theme you have from elegant, to rustic and boho. This truly completes the look, rather than just leaving the postbox on the table, we make sure it is completely styled. 

Cake Table Styling

With your cake table styling, work alongside your colour palette if you are having a gold, green & white, use this on your cake table with the styling you choose. This will provide the quality you are looking for, for your wedding day. Consider what venue you are having and whether they have any furniture such as any antique tables, sideboards or vintage dressers to display the cake and all of the props on, or alternatively you could hire from an outside prop hire company. Other items could be - Rustic ladders, Barrels, Crates etc. 

  • Flowers, reusing florals from the ceremony onto your cake table. 

  • Linen, by adding multiple layers onto your cake table, with adding different colours on the table, you can finish it with a table runner. 

  • Variety of heights, styling through using candlestick holders, tealight holders, cake stands, crates, barrels

  • Use candles, add a romantic touch. Stick to the rule of three, three different sized candles 

Top Tip: You don't always have to use cake stands! Use small crates, glass plates or even chopping boards to create interest!




Coming soon...!

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