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Wedding Stylist Cambridgeshire Shares What sort of questions will your Wedding Stylist ask

Preparation for your call with a wedding stylist

1. What date will you be getting married?

- This will happen before you book an initial meeting with them to ensure they are available for your date

2. Where is your wedding venue?

- To find out if it is within the distance they travel, if they know the venue and what style of wedding this will mean for you e.g. Barn, Manor House

Make sure to give your stylist the full address to the venue!

- Photography - Love and Life Studio

3. Do you know the name of the wedding coordinator at your venue?

does the venue have an onsite venue coordinator

Depending on what type of venue you are booking you may or may not have been assigned a wedding coordinator to manage your day. Most larger venues will have a dedicated team that will be in charge of organising your day and one of their jobs includes liaising with suppliers.

It is useful that your wedding stylist knows the name of the specific coordinator that you have been working with so that they can contact them directly to discuss styling details and other things such as access and arrival time.

4. Can we arrange a meeting at your venue?

Meeting with your stylist at your venue is very important, to give you the chance to have a walk around the venue to get familiar with the place. You can bring your visions to life and know where everything will be placed on the day.

- Photography - Love and Life Studio

5. What is the colour scheme or theme for your wedding?

Before your meeting, you should have a vague idea of what colours you are wanting for your wedding so that the stylist can create you ideas from just these colours rather than going in blind to the meeting. The stylist's ultimate job is to create a beautifully decorated venue for you and help you take the day forward.

If you do not have a colour chosen, of course this is fine, the stylist will find out what you like and help you make a decision.

- Venue - South Farm

6. Will you be having a seated meal?

This question is to discuss the layout of the tables, with where the centrepieces will be and if you want any decor on the chairs.

With if you are having a traditional seated wedding breakfast, or an outdoor festival vibes with some picnic tables. There are a range of different seated options.

7. How many people do you roughly think you will have for your seated meal?

If you know how many guests you will be having for your seated meal, it will really help your stylist work out how many per table (if you have not already worked this out), to find out how many centrepieces you will need etc.

If this changes this is no issue as most of the time guest numbers increase and decrease for weddings.

8. What size and shape are your tables?

The size and shape of tables makes a big difference with what kind of centrepieces you are going to have.

Here are some examples -

Outdoor Table Vibes - Long Tables

These tables all have centrepieces down the middle of the table.

Indoor Table Vibes - Long Tables

Indoor Round tables - Centrepieces in the middle

- Photography - Love and Life Studio

9. What centrepiece swould you like?

There are a lot of different type of centrepieces that you can have, ranging from florals draping down the middle of the table, florals dotted down the middle of the table, candles throughout the table, tealight holders with tealightss. You can have a range of different ideas to bring your table to life.

A general rule (rules can of course be broken), tend to be flowers, candles, tealight holders and a table number.

- Photography - Love and Life Studio

10. Can I have the name of your florist?

Your stylist will work with your florist to find the best way to bring all of the florals and styling together. Communicating together to ensure that it is all planned perfectly and how everything is going to flow.

The stylist and florist want the best for the couple, bringing the vision together, from the cake table, to the tables, to the bar area and any spare florals around the venue.

11. Where will you be putting your cake?

Most stylists will suggest on a small table - easy to move for the cake cutting

For the table:

  • Flowers around the table

  • Candlestcik holders with candles

  • Tealight holders with tealights

  • A Table runner

12. Will you be requiring a guest book table?

Have you considered having a guestbook table? Maybe even incorporating the cards and gifts onto the same table.

Having a cardbox or postbox (make sure you allocate someone you trust to move all of your gifts / cards into a safe place before the end of the night).

There are a range of different ideas for guests books, having polaroid images of the guests from the day, globes and much more.

13. Will you be requiring any décor for the ceiling in the room?

Examples are fairylights, lanterns, draping...

- Photography - Love and Life Studio

- Venue Styling - Fleur De Lace

14. Can I have the name of your photographer?

Wedding suppliers get most of their content for the future from weddings that they have worked at to shared their work and what they can do, it is important to allow for your stylist to have the details of the photographer so that they can build a connection before if they do not know each other.

These are a few questions that your stylist will ask - there are a range of other questions your stylist will ask but this should give you an idea.

Thank you for reading,

Beth and Amy xxx

Wedding Planners and Stylists

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