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Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares Things you Should do After you Say I Do!

Congratulations, you're married! Now What? You spent all that time planning for the big day, you're still in the wedding bubble but you still have somethings to after you've said "I do". Don't worry, we have a list of top 10 things to do after you get married.

1. Collect everything from the venue

Most venues will keep your wedding items ready for you to collect the next day (do double check this with them). If you're able to, collect this, dispose of any items you don't need and sort everything out at home. If you are going straight on your honeymoon, leave this job in the trusty hands of a bridesmaid or family member, ready for you to sort through once you get home. This leads on to the next point....

2. Return items to suppliers

Make sure you return any items to suppliers straight after the wedding, this ensure they can get everything cleaned and ready for the next time they are used. Again, if you are going straight on your honeymoon, leave this to a bridesmaid or family member.

3. Send thank you card to your guests

A great top tip is to have a pen & pad ready whilst opening any cards and gifts, this way you can write down who the item is from and what gift/card you received so can write a personalised thank you note. You could always take a fun photo of you with the gift or use a wedding photo as a cute thank you note also.

Photo credits - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

4. Thank your suppliers

Send your suppliers a thank you note (and wedding photo sneak peaks) we love receiving them! Its also a great time to just check everything is in order, especially if a bridesmaid or family member returned the items.

5. Leave reviews

Similar to thanking suppliers, a review is something we really appreciate. Whether it be a quick email, social media comment or google review, you venue, photographer, cake maker and other supplier will love to hear from you.

6. Clean and store your wedding dress

Get your wedding dress professionally cleaned and stored in a box. There are also companies that will frame your dress if you wanted to keep this on display. Having your dress cleaned and stored correctly will ensure it is kept in perfect condition for years to come!

Photo Credits - Victoria Mitchell Photography

7. Dry and press your flowers

These may a beautiful keepsake from the wedding! The traditional way is to hang them upside down in a dry warm area like an airing cupboard - this keeps their colour and shape. Alternatively, you can place your flowers in between some parchment paper and place them inside a heavy book. After 7-10 days you should have some perfectly pressed flowers! There are also bouquet preservation companies that can do this for you.

8. Freeze your wedding cake

Photo credits - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

Traditionally couples will freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and eat this on their 1st anniversary, it symbolises good luck and prosperity for newlyweds. If this is something you wish to do, we suggest pre freezing your wedding cake for a couple of hours so the frosting stays in place. We would then suggest to wrap the cake loosely in a plastic wrap and place in a sturdy cake box. After that wrap the box in some more plastic wrap and place in the freezer.

9. Sort your Wedding Album

Once you receive your wedding photos we would suggest putting together an album. Your photographer can definitely help with this, but it's a great way to look back on the day. You could even ask your guests to send through their photos so you can have a good laugh! It is also a lovely idea to create an album for your parents as a keepsake.

10. Change your name (if you want to)

If you have decided to take your other half's name, now is the time to change it! We suggest starting this soon after you're married so you don't forget (or lose your marriage certificate!). There are lots of websites that can guide you and help with changing your name!

Photo Credits - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

We hope this list of 10 things to do after your married will help put your mind at ease after your wedding day!

Thanks so much for reading,

Beth & Amy xo

Wedding Planners and Stylists

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