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Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares a Westminster Cathedral London Wedding

Westminster Cathedral London Wedding

'Mike and Maria had a very intimate wedding with only Mikes parents there as a witness. Mike was extremely shy and found the whole thing rather overwhelming, however Maria kept him calm and confident and they had a wonderful afternoon celebrating together. Maria wore a dress designed by Stella McCartney which she worked on with the designer to add beautiful floor length wings and petit little bows on the shoulders. The dress was timeless and elegant. Marias shoes were also from Stella McCartney and were a stunning touch of modern fashion to her otherwise classic gown'.

Getting ready and the little details

'Maria got ready in a hotel near her home. The morning was calm and relaxed as she took her time to get ready'.

The Wedding

'A phantom Rolls Royce took us to the ceremony at Westminster Cathedral where she was met by Mikes Dad. They walked together down the length of the main cathedral to one of the side chapels which was called The Lady Chapel. The lady chapel was adorned with gold tiles and was very serene in its atmosphere. A few tourists of the cathedral joined the ceremony as well'.

'After they were married, we took some photos in the cathedral, but the main bulk of their wedding portraits were in the ruins of St Dunstan on the East Church Garden. The gardens were quiet and calm and allowed space for maria and mike to be together and enjoy time with one another. After the portrait sessions we went on to Sea Containers London along the south bank where Mike and Maria and Mikes parents were having a meal to celebrate'.

Although the wedding was simple and quiet, it had beautiful, classic style and very personal touches, like the portrait of her mum tied to her flowers in her memory. Everything was carefully planned out and Maria was thrilled with the way it all turned out in the end!

Suppliers love -

Photographer - Jessica Holt Photography

Love Beth and Amy xxx

Written by Miss Carlysle and Co - Beth

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