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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares the Benefits of having an Intimate Wedding

More intimate weddings are being more of the 'norm', and not feeling that you have to invite every single person that you know. Having between 30-50 guests means that you have more money to spend on aspects that you might not have even thought about such as a wedding planner for on the day coordination, a stylist, a videographer, more florals and going bigger on the decor.

Having less numbers mean that you can be more flexible with your ideas through were you decide to get married, as you can now have the option to look at more venues that you might not have been able to look at before. Some venues offer packages for smaller numbers - you might have not been able to afford a venue beforehand but if you decide to go for smaller numbers then it gives you the chance to go for a package which suits all of your needs and desires.

With less guests you are able to spend more time with your guests and chat with everyone, in more of a relaxed and small area. Creating a warmer atmosphere. Having a smaller number of guests gives you the chance to have more of a private wedding with your closest friends and family, which means your wedding will have less drama as the more numbers you have the higher the drama chances.

Small table set ups...

Intimate table set ups at The Barn at Brookend, Green Farm

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