Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares how to have an Intimate & Eco Wedding Reception in Royston


Today I will be sharing our most recent shoot in Royston, giving you some advice on how to have an eco, intimate wedding. There can be a lot of food waste, throwaway decor, plastic packaging and so much more!

Location - Choosing a location that is close to you... as the biggest carbon footprint to a wedding is travel. Having a wedding location closer to the guests (where possible) is important because a lot of older individuals at the moment do not want to do much travelling, so keeping the wedding close to home could really help others.

Reduce Numbers of Guests - With the current pandemic, we are only allowed a decreased number of guests at weddings, be strict with who you invite. Your closest friends and family.


- This is all I can share for now, looking forward to showing more soon in a few months!!