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Wedding Planner Bedfordshire Shares How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue can feel like a mammoth task. You have so many different things to consider and sometimes it feels like the perfect venue just doesn't exist. We’re going to run through 5 tips to help you in your journey.

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1. Think about your budget

Sit down together and work out your budget, without this you may be looking at venues out of your price range. You can set filters on venue searching websites to adjust the searches to fit your budget, and whether your overall budget is £20,000 or £80,000 you can still find a gorgeous venue.

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2. Wedding Style and Theme

Think about a basic theme for your wedding. If you love a rustic theme with wooden palettes, logs & lots of lighting, then a modern manor house might not be right for you. If you love classic, chic, and modern then a rustic barn venue might not work. If you're not entirely sure of a theme then that's absolutely fine, have a scroll on Pinterest and see what you like. If you're still a bit stuck then put a couple of different venue types on your list and book visits. This will help you to compare different venues and styles.

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3. Type of Wedding Venue

Do you want a venue that is already decorated, somewhere that has catering staff on site, and somewhere that has everything? Look at places like hotel venues and manor houses, as they will generally have staff and be decorated to something where you won't need to add too much. If you want something you can truly make your own then look at blank canvas venues. With a lot of these venues, they do a couple of day's hire so you can set up and take down, but you will need to organise catering staff and an on-the-day coordinator to ensure the day runs smoothly.

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4. Location

This is quite important to think about as it could definitely impact your guest numbers. For a larger wedding, I would suggest keeping within a 1-hour drive from your home as this won't be too far of a journey for most of your guests. For a more intimate wedding, you could look further afield, as your guests will be more willing to travel. If you find the perfect venue and it is too far for your guests you could always look at putting a coach or minibus on from a central location (for example your workplace for these guests) to take them to and from the venue. This may occur some extra costs, so do bear this in mind with your overall budget.

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5. Ceremony Venue

Do you want a ceremony on-site? If so, check the licensing for where a ceremony can take place and how many people it covers. If you want an outdoor wedding with 100 guests at a venue that only has an indoor license for 75 guests then you will have to change your plans and cut guests. If you have fallen in love with a venue that can't accommodate your legal ceremony the way you want then you could go with a celebrant-led ceremony instead. They can give you the perfect ceremony, exactly how you like and you can do the legal part on another day in the registry office.

TOP TIP - Have a look at your local council's website for licensed venues, you can check in advance on the venue capacities to avoid any disappointment beforehand. You might also find some hidden gems!

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Some other things to consider

- Look at what's included within the packages, if you want a bespoke package and something unique then at your first site visit. Some venues aren't able to be flexible with their menus and packages so this is something to consider.

- Is there accommodation on site? If not, is there a hotel nearby? Make sure you give guests options and information in your invitations!

- Do you have flexibility with suppliers? Some venues have a recommended supplier list that you have to choose from and sometimes they can be out of budget or not your style. Check their standpoint on suppliers so you know you can choose who you want!

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We hope these tips can help you in your search for the perfect venue! If you are still struggling and just need a helping hand then get in touch as we may be able to help!

Thank you for reading,

Beth xxx

Wedding Planner and Stylist

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