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Wedding Stylist Hertfordshire Shares a Sage Green, White & Silver Wedding Table Inspiration

Considering what table styling you will be having for your wedding is important as typically your wedding guests will spend at least 2 hours of the day at their tables. You want to create the 'WOW' factor. There are a whole range of different options for your tables.


  • High or Low flower arrangements

  • Table linen

  • Napkins

  • Cutlery

  • Glassware

  • Crockery

Sage green is a very popular colour for weddings, we added white & silver to compliement the sage green. These colours together are perfect for creating a natural and neutral feel to the day. Sage green representds wisdom, peacem growth, freedom, harmony and nature. If you decide to use sage green for your wedding, then it gives you a whole range of options for a colour palette.

The purpose of adding silver in is to add a smooth, shine to the table which creates a luxury feel.

How to style your table:

Consistency is key

- Start off with a clear vision, what is your colour palette? You don't want to have a whole range of random colours, choose up to 3. Consider how you want your overall look for the day to be, what decor you are choosing,what areas you are styling. The flow in the elements from the ceremony styling, to the table styling and any extras you may decide on.

Create layers

Using layers on youe tablescape through using textured linen, then you can build up the table settings by using materials and decor.

Example - charger plates, white plates, linen coloured napkins, coloured table runners, statement glassware through white & red wine, champagne flutes and tumblers, and cutlery. Once you have chosen these place settings you can decide your extras, such as different sized candlestick holders and candlesticks, different sized tealight holders & tealights. Adding in stationery through the table numbers, menus and place settings.


Playing with heights tends to be through what floral arrangements you decide, you can have arrangements in bud vases, low floral arrangements, high arrangements. If you are having a lot of tables, then you may want to create different heights / levels to make the room feel fuller, if you have half high and half low.


Keep it practical, you don't want to choose arrangements where guests can talk to each other if they are sitting on the other side, you also don't want to choose lots of open flamed candles if you are having children at your wedding. Make sure you are safe with your choices and that they remain functional for your guests.

What we created for these tables alongside Queen and Eden for the florals and Tiggity Boo for the stationery. Silver rimmed charger plates, white plates (starter / side plate), white & silver cutery, glassware (white & red wine, champagne flutes and tumblers), sage green napkins, sage green table runners, white linen, silver candlestick holders, with white & sage green candlesticks, and sage green chair drapes.

Planner, Stylist & Concept - Miss Carlysle and Co (Beth)

Florist - Queen and Eden

Stationery - Tiggity Boo

Thank you for reading,

Beth xxx

Wedding Planner and Stylist

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