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Wedding Stylist Cambridgeshire Shares Tips to Enjoy your Evening Reception

You’re finally married, you’ve had some drinks and yummy food, and there’s only one thing left - to party! Here are 5 tips to help ensure you make the most of your evening reception.

Talk to your DJ/band

Make sure you talk to your DJ/band about the music for the evening. They need to understand your goal and your vibe so they can play the music you and your close ones will love. Think about whether you want them to take requests, and if there are any limitations on this. Think about your “no playlist” which is those songs you both absolutely do not want playing. Music can really make or break the night, so definitely talk to each other and relay this to whoever is playing your music!

  • Sneak tip, ask for song requests on your RSVPs or wedding website, this way you can see your guest's favourite songs and what they want to hear played, which gives you and your DJ/band an idea of what to play to get the crowd going

Think about the food

Do you want a buffet with lots of options that your guests can choose from? Did you want some bowl food with different options or something quick, grab-and-go like pulled pork rolls? We love weddings that incorporate something personal into the evening food. Do you always have Fish & Chip Fridays at home? Then we would suggest having fish & chips as your evening food, this could be done as a food truck if your venue allows, as a buffet or even canape style as mini cones!


Take a breather

Sit back for a couple of minutes as a newlywed and take it all in! You’ve waited for this day for a long time so taking that breather to see all of your closest friends and family on the dancefloor, and having the best time will be worth it!