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Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares Wedding Tips and Tricks

Weddings tend to be seen as a stressful time, when it should be a fun experience, I am here to explain to you how you can calm your nerves and what you can do to make your day easier.

We have years of wedding experience, we have been at 100s of weddings so we can first hand share our experience and what you can do to make your day run smoothly. From a wedding planner based in Cambridgeshire and a wedding planner & stylist based in Bedfordshire, we are here to make your life easier.

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1 - Calming your nerves

Mint teas are full of relaxing effects, the purpose of these are to soothe your body and calm your mind. There are different mint teas that you can consider which can help with stress & anxiety before your wedding day, I am not an expert when it comes to teas this is just my own advice, if you are concerned you should seek advice from your doctor.

  • Lemon Mint Menage - A refreshing taste, perfect for soothing and being an uplifting morning cup.

  • Peppermint - A calm & smoothing, perfect for unwinding in the evening (could be an option for the night before)

  • Lavendar Mint - Can be served hot or iced, perfect for a lightly floral cup

Relaxing on the morning of your wedding is important, you want to give yourself the best opporunity to take the whole day in.

2 - Children

If you are deciding to have children at your wedding, you need to make sure you consider the entertainment for them on the day of your wedding, what activities packs will you decide to have? Consider options such as colouring books, little toys. Wedding days are long, you want to make sure that they are entertained. Another option is to have a baby sitter for them in the evening, the parents of these children might want to have an evening with their closest, you can hire in a baby sitter, this will especially help if they are staying on site, they can take the children back to their rooms, ready for bed. Keeps the children safe and puts their parents at ease.

3 - Stay hydrated

Drinks lots of water up to your wedding day, this will leave you skin feeling heathy, it will also ensure that you are hydrated. Don't forget to have water, your wedding day is a long day and you want to make sure that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Have enough water while you are getting ready, before you change your drink of choice to champagne.

4 - Schedule your hair and make up trial for the day of your bridal shower

The reason why you want to schedule your hair and make up trial for the day of your bridal shower is because this a good test to see how long it lasts for, how it copes with being busy and dancing. You might decide this is time to change your hair stylist or make up artist, or change any products that were used.

It also means that you have your hair and make up professionally done. Think of the photo opportunities.

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5 - Break your shoes in

You are mostly likely going to have brand-new shoes for your wedding, you want to make sure that you break your shoes in. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for your shoes to be rubbing. Spend the last months leading to your wedding day breaking your shoes in, you will 100% thank yourself for this.

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Thank you for reading,

Beth xxx

Wedding Planner and Stylist

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