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Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Treat yourself to getting your nails done, for close up pictures.

Your photographer will get detail shots of the day, this will include pictures such as you wearing your engagement ring while getting ready, your wedding band once you are married and flower details. You will be looking back at these pictures for years, the last thing you want to think is ‘I wish I got my nails done’. In the week leading up to your wedding, consider these pamper details. You will really thank yourself for this.

Eat a healthy breakfast – prepare for the day.

Have a healthy brunch while you are getting ready, consider having orange juice / apple juice, water or any drinks you want to hydrate yourself, then consider what foods you are going to choose, such as fruits, pastries. Make sure that you are ready for the long day ahead of you.

Ask your caterer if they might potentially put together something for you, or you can ask a grazing company. We recommend Graze Life for this.

On the day of your wedding, soak up all of the love, joy and bliss that surrounds you. It is your day and you are making lifetime memories.