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Wedding Planner Hertfordshire shares How to have the Wedding of your Dreams

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

On the blog today, is all about Wedding Decorations.

No wedding is truly complete without having wedding decorations, having decorations can turn your wedding into a magical event that you have always wanted. Preparation is key! Working out what items you want, that is where I come in to help!

I have a passion and a dream, full of creativity that shows in weddings, working closely with our couples to ensure that we are providing the service that they require. Working in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire (with the ability to travel around the UK).

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Ceremony Decorations - lanterns, pillar candles, petals down the aisle, flowers on the outside chairs, backdrops.

Creating a truly breathtaking wedding.

Entrance - Depending on your venue, there are different alternatives for the wedding ceremony entrance area. Your entrance can be marked by church doors, a simple gate, or even two huge flower vases. Whatever kind of entrance it may be, make sure it won't look plain. Brides are getting more and more creative with their wedding arch decorations. Whether it's romantic or modern, a lovely arch will make a wedding ceremony so much more memorable. Your wedding arch will also make a great backdrop for the wedding kiss photo!

Seating - You might not think about it that much, but the type of chair you use for your wedding can affect the whole atmosphere. Before settling down with one type of chair, take a look at the most popular types of wedding chairs in the slider below.

Lighting - Lighting truly sets the mood for the day, creating the sense of romance in the room and bringing the decorations to life. Adding light through fairy lights and candles.

Wedding Centrepieces...

With your sit down meal having centerpieces is a must to complete the table styling. From lanterns, tealight holders, fairy-lights, and even more ideas to bring the true look together. We are able to bring our vision to life with advising and creating a bespoke package for you full of your table and venue styling. Truly transforming a blank canvas venue.

Do: Research wedding themes

Choose your theme & colour palette early on, giving you the chance to start researching, bringing the vision together.

Therefore you can work out your own wedding theme and what will complement your vision.

Do: Discuss everything

Have a few discussions with your decorator before the big day to align your visions. Sometimes you need to let go of your ego if the experts have some advice regarding your color palette and wedding theme. Keep an open mind and don't instantly reject any suggestions that don't fit in with what you had in mind.

Do: Get help from a professional

Getting support and advice from professional, choosing the supplier who has the experience and is open-minded to your vision.

Don't: Forget about lighting Whether you're going to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, lighting will make your decor look even more stunning. Don't forget to calculate the areas at your venue that require lighting. Also, when it comes to the installation of lighting equipment, it's better for you to trust to the pros.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x

Wedding Planner and Stylist

Photo credits: Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

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