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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares Reasons to get married in Paris

Paris... The city of Love, The city of Lights, The city of Fashion... a city full of art, culture, beauty and so much more! In Paris you can enjoy the little streets, to relaxed cafes, to museums, to beautiful sites.

Read more to see how you can create your own 'book of love'.

Photographer @morganeballphotography has brought us this beautiful destination, intimate wedding in Paris, a editorial beauty style inspired by the natural and bohemian French girl style. With the intimate wedding being an ideal choice for Paris, having your closest friends with you, a relaxed, chilled but beautiful, loving occasion. Paris could become your dream location.

Reasons to get married in Paris:

  • Romance

  • Beauty

  • Full of love

  • Full of magic

  • Simple

  • Made for lovers

Paris was made for lovers, giving you the chance to share the love with your close ones and take in the whole atmosphere, it gives a feeling of warmth, happy feeling and happiness. Who would not want that on their wedding day?

Have you considered what caterer you are going to have? The food in Paris is superb, so fresh, from the bread, the butter, the pastries and every meal you have. Most couples forget how important food and drinks are on your wedding day, they truly are and they are one of the most remembered parts of the wedding day (after the couple of course!!). Choosing the right caterer will ensure you have a great wedding meal.

Are you ready to see the inspiration from this Paris wedding inspiration?

Filled with charm, elegance. Grab your passport and head to France...

Suppliers love:

Love Beth and Amy xxx

Written by Miss Carlysle and Co

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