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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares a Wedding Inspiration on a Boat in Norfolk

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

A wedding on a boat... summer 2020 was not how all of us wedding suppliers expected it to be, however we all make the most out of getting creative this year, with travelling all around the UK getting creative. This boat shoot was true dream, the setting, the suppliers, the overall shoot.

Have you ever considered having your wedding photos and / or wedding reception on a boat?

Reasons to have a wedding reception on a boat:

  • - Limit your guest list

  • - Intimate

  • - Stress Free

  • - Unique

  • - Beautiful Scenery

  • - Adventurous

  • - Natural

Wedding photos last a lifetime... having your wedding on a boat gives you the chance to get some awesome wedding photos, that you will be able to look back and remember the beautiful day. Adding draping over the boat for your evening sunset shots with the night sky and having a breathtaking background.

All of your guests will be at one place, sometimes weddings can have a large venue meaning that your guests might be all around the venue, whereas if you have a wedding on the boat then they will be all together. Creating an intimate wedding setting.

Check out our images by Nikki Watsons Photo and Film to see what we created as a team.

Thanks for reading,

Beth and Amy xxx

Wedding Planners and Stylists

Photo & Film - @nikkismoments

Styling and Tableware Decs - @misscarlysleandco_events

Stationery - @oliveandmillicent

Bridal Accessories - @rachelsokhalbridal

Suits - @asos

Would you like to submit a shoot and / or wedding? -

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