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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares 5 tips and tricks to help you have the best Ceremony

The ceremony is the most important part of the day, the whole reason for the wedding! We are sharing 5 tips & tricks to ensure you get the most out of your ceremony.

An Unplugged Ceremony

The last thing you want to see is a sea of phones as you walk down the aisle! Not only will this show up in your professional photos but you also want your guests to be in the moment. There are many steps you can take to ensure your guests are aware you’re having an unplugged ceremony.

We would suggest having a sign at the entrance for people to see as soon as they walk in. Enlist the help of your groomsmen or bridal party and make sure they go around and tell guests they will need to keep their phones away. You should also speak with your registrar and get them to make an announcement.

You may still have a few people that bend these rules, but taking these steps will keep this to a minimum.

The First Kiss

The first kiss as a newly married couple is a sweet moment. You may have kissed countless times, but we would definitely have a practice!

We also suggest asking your registrar or celebrant to move out of the way before your kiss. This means your photographer can capture this moment without someone lurking in the background!

The Music

This is about the music you want to use. We would suggest around ½ hour to an hour’s worth of music to be played before your ceremony whilst guests are arriving and taking their seats.

Your walking down the aisle is one of the most important ones. Make sure you choose something personal for both of you, so it makes the moment even more special. When looking at songs, make sure it is something that isn’t too long that you don’t get to hear your favourite part, but also something that is long enough for everyone to walk down the aisle to, as you don’t want the music to end before you’ve got to the end(see tip 4 for more on this).

We would suggest choosing up to 3 songs for your singing of the register. It’s very unlikely the 3rd song will be heard, so keep this in mind, however, having a back up just in case doesn’t hurt.

Your walking-out song should be something to set the tone for the rest of the day. Whether it be something lovely and romantic or upbeat and fun. This should reflect you as a couple and be something you enjoy as this is the first walk you are taking as a married couple!


One of our biggest tips and something most couples forget to do is a rehearsal before the wedding. There have been so many weddings we have seen where we ask the bridesmaids to line up and no one knows what order to go in.

Have a think about the order you would like everyone to go down and let them know in advance so you’re not stressed on the day of the wedding and trying to figure it out. We would also suggest having a physical rehearsal with the music to work out rough timings. This can sometimes be done at the venue, which is of course preferred, but if this is something you are unable to do, measure the aisle, count a rough number of steps and then create a dummy space in a back garden and practice there. This just gives you an idea of the length of song needed and is a fun task with the bridesmaids so they can have practice and not be as nervous on the wedding day.

Do a second kiss

Once you have walked halfway down the aisle, stop take a moment and have another kiss. Not only does your photographer get an awesome kiss shot, but you’re also not as nervous and pressured as your first kiss so it is more fun and relaxed!

The ceremony is such an important part of the day but is so short in comparison to everything else, so make sure you do everything you can to enhance your special moment! We hope these 5 tips & tricks help you have the best ceremony.

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