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Wedding Planner Bedfordshire Shares Tips on having an Emergency Wedding Tool Kit

Updated: May 7, 2020

Your wedding day...

Have you considered any extra items that may be needed on the day, if not, I have you covered, I have my very own tool kit that I take to weddings and it gives me the chance to support the needs of all of the guests. They are items you may have completely forgetten about, so this ensures no wedding disasters.


- Personal medication (remind guests about this)

- Imodium

- Paracetamol

- Ibuprofen

- Any other pain relievers


- Lighter / Matches

- Screwdriver

- Small pair of Scissors

- Tape

- Safety pins

- Needles

- Rubber bands

- Sewing kit - (threads that match the dresses/ suit)

- Ribbons

- Superglue


- Pencil case

- Pens/ Pencils/ Sharpies

- Sticky notes

- Note pad


- Bobby Pins/ Hair Ties

- Hairspray/ Hairbrush / Comb/ Hair Dryer/ Hair Straighteners/ Curls

- Extra earring backs

- Tweezers/ Nail File / Clippers

- Eyeliner/ Mascara

- Lipstick/ Lipgloss/ Vaseline

- Blush/ Bronzer/ Powder

- Make Up Remover Wipes/ Stain Remover Wipes

- Mini Mirror

- Eyebrow Pencil

- Foundation

- Hand Lotion/ Suncream/ Hand Sanitiser

- Face mist

- Tissues

- Spare toothbrush/ Toothpaste/ Floss

- Clear nail varnish - (For Tights)

- Eyelash glue/ Eyelashes

- Cotton Buds

- Plasters

Food and Drinks

- Tea and Coffee

- Refillable Water Bottles

- Energy Drinks

- Gum/ Mints

- Snack Bars e.g. Granola Bars


- Mini Perfumes/ Body Spray

- Spray Deodorant

- Menstrual Products - Pads/ Tampons/ Wipes

- Emergency Cash Stash

- Flat Shoes / Spare Shoes

Beth x

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