Wedding Planner's Hertfordshire's Tips for Celebrating your Original Wedding Date

Updated: May 18

Even though you might not be getting married on the date you originally planned, you need to keep yourselves safe and plan for a date in the future. Here are a few tips on how you can celebrate your day.

What can you do...

1 - Send out 'change of date' cards from Clare Gray Designs -

2 - Celebrate your wedding day with a zoom call with a Celebrant - Kelly Hawes

Contact Kelly for more information - if you have had to postpone or cancel your wedding due to the lockdown the celebrate with Kelly on a zoom call.

3 - Create a Signature Cocktail

Create a signature cocktail and share the recipe with your family and friends, work out what your favourite flavours are and even try to create a drink that matches your wedding colour theme.

Ideas come from - Liquid Mobile Bar Hampers -

4 - Host a Zoom Party

Host a party with your guests, having this virtual party means that you still get to celebrate your day with your family and friends. Dress to impress, whether you want to dress up or wear comfy clothes it is completely up to you.

5 - Have a Date Night

Even if you decide to not do this on your wedding day, then on the week of your wedding you can plan a date night.

Whether you have a chill evening or decide to have a full blown date night such as cook a meal together, create a playlist of your favourite songs, watch movies or recreate your first date. It is completely up to you, make the night special.

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