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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Lisa Lyon is a bridal dress maker based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, every dress she makes luxury and bespoke. Lisa is passionate about incorporating each brides personality and style when creating each dress.

The purpose of creating a bespoke dress works for you if you know what type of dress and style you want, but have been unable to find the perfect one for you.

Lisa believes that 'every woman, regardless of size or shape should have an amazing experience when choosing her wedding dress'. Having a bespoke dress means you can have your own true story, where you played a part in it! From the initial consultation through to the final fitting.


FIRST FITTING: I will have made a toile (a cotton mock up), used to perfect your custom fit. This shows the basic silhouette of your dress. This then enables us to refine design details such as neckline, detailing and fabric choices.

SECOND FITTING: At this fitting your dress will be ready to try on in the real fabric. This will be an almost completed gown, helping you to envision your completed look, still with time for detail changes.

THIRD FITTING/ FINAL FITTING & COLLECTION: At your third dress fitting, you will try your nearly completed dress on and any last minute adjustments will be attended to. At collection it’s the final dress rehearsal! The dress will be steamed and placed in garment bag for pickup.

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