Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares Five Reasons to having a Videographer

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

On today's blog I am going to be sharing 5 reasons to why you should consider having a videographer for your wedding day!

1. Memory

Your wedding day will go past in a flash, choosing a videographer will be on of your best decisions for your wedding, capturing your day from getting ready through to dancing. You will be able to watch back after your day and all the memories will come back.

Photo Credits: Nikkis Moments

2. Moments

Your videographer will be able to capture moments that you may miss during the day, due to the fact that your day is so busy and you may miss certain aspects. Seeing it on film gives you the chance to have a look back on the day and see what you potentially missed.

3. Cost

Videographers don't cost as much you might think they do, re-consider adding them to your budget, then shop around to see what videographers will fit into your chosen budget. You can choose a videographer to fit what you need, an hourly package or a full day package.

4. Social Media

You can share a short video on your social media for your friends and family to see, which can be a nice touch, especially if they weren't able to be with you on your special day.

Photo Credits: Nikkis Moments

5. Keepsake

In years to come you can share your wedding video with the future generations of your family, they can see your day which is such a special moment.

My recommended videographer:

Nikkis Moments

Thanks for reading,

Beth x

Wedding and Event Planner / Stylist




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