Wedding Planner Hertfordshire Shares Five Date Night Ideas

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Date Night Ideas in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire...

1. Watch a movie

Treat yourself to seeing a new film at the cinema, making the most out of your evening by going to a cocktail bar after a film.

  1. Milton Keynes

  2. Bedford

  3. Hemel Hempstead

  4. Watford


Cinema Set Up: 🎬 - by the Occasion Bar

Includes: 100 inch screen, projector, projector stand and furnishing.


Friday and Saturday: £100

Sunday- Thursday: £80


What we require from you:

▫️Easy access into the property / garden

▫️Space to set up the cinema kit

▫️Electric socket close by for our extension lead

▫️ You will be required to provide the film; this can be accessed from a laptop for example which you must also provide.


Important Information: 👇🏼

▫️Screen Size: 89 inch W / 55 inch H

▫️The screen / projector will only work when it is dark. Please ensure you are aware of this when booking and consider the time in which is gets dark in the summer months.


2. Learn a new activity

This could be a craft activity, sporting activitiy, joining new groups to meet more people.

Ski – Snow Dome (MK)

3. Theatres Trip

You can plan an evening where you go to the theatre, have a romantic meal at your favourite restaurant and then watch a show.

4. Road Trip

Have a weekend away, whether thats the countryside such as Royston or to the Sea such as Southend on Sea. Supporting local communities, visiting places such as National Trust areas.

5. Spa Trip – Couple Massage

Have a spa day, especially if you are in the middle of your wedding planning, having a day to relax and regenerate. The main spas around this area are Bannatyne's in Luton & Milton Keynes as well as Champney's in Henlow or Tring.

The spa day can be relaxing and give you the chance to truly spend time together without any distractions.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x



Photo Credit’s - Natalie Stevenson Photography

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