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Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares an Elopement to the Lake District

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The Lake District... a beautiful location allowing for couples to have fun, be free and have a private wedding. This shoot photographed by Nikki Watsons Photo and Film, with a boho style. Your Event Co. and a team of suppliers have shared an intimate Lake District elopement, bringing all your personality with you. The Lake District is a stunning wedding location, the backgrounds are breathtaking. Willow and Blossom Floral Design opted an oversized bouquet with a matching floral crown, working with muted bleached and used a mix of fresh and dried flowers to keep in with the overall feel of this shoot.

The styling was based around a chilled, relaxed out area by the side of the couples camper, having a vegan grazing table with boho vibes around the table.

Reasons to elope...

  • Breathtaking scenery

  • Intimate setting

  • Guests more willing to travel

  • Peace and Quiet

  • Cost effective

Couples decide to elope for a range of different reasons... they decide that the wedding planning is being too stressful and that they want to take a true step back, and get married with their closest friends and family around them. Eloping gives you the chance to see some epic places around the world.

You are able to save more money which you can spend on your honeymoon or any future investments. An elopement is known for being typically tends of thousands pounds cheaper than a traditional wedding.

Take a look at the elopement shoot...


Thanks for reading,

Beth and Amy xxx

Written by Miss Carlysle and Co

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