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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Bridesmaids Do’s and Don‘ts

When you are taking on the responsibility of becoming a bridesmaid then you have to consider a range of different aspects which I will be explaining in this blog.

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When becoming a bridesmaid, you are accepting a huge responsibility, you will be supporting the bride and/ or groom by meeting vendors& suppliers, going to fittings with the bride, attending & planning pre-ceremony parties and so much more! A lot of time and effort goes into planning weddings and you have to be fully committed.

Remember that it is the brides day, meaning you have to support her with any decisions that are becoming made, and you have to be patient with her. If she takes longer to decide on what she wants this ok, give her your opinion but support whatever decision she makes.

When planning any bridal activities, make them fun! Whether you go to a spa, have an adventure day, do cocktail making, there are so many ideas of how to make the bridal shower fun. This can relax the bride and give her the chance to let her hair down.

Be her emotional support, if she needs to vent about something then give her the chance to let her hair down, if she is having a stressful situation then give her the chance to talk to you about it. The bride will want your opinion, giving it to her can make her feel better.

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Drama... cut it all straight away, if you have an issue with another member of the bridal party then remember be friendly and don’t cause any arguments. Chat to them privately and deal with the situation in a calm manner.

With any events and/or the wedding day, make sure that you arrive on time and don’t leave early at the end of the day, take the whole day in and enjoy the day from start to finish. Being support and helpful towards the bride is important.

Don’t accept the role is you aren’t going to be completely invested, the bride has given you the role to support her and help her every step of the way, therefore you need to provide her with that support that she needs.

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses, tell the bride what your budget is, but with the colour and the style, don’t argue if you don’t like the dress, due to the fact that the dresses will match with the overall theme and style of the day, and it’s what the couple truly want.

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