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Wedding Planner Bedfordshire Shares 12 Things to do the Week Before your Wedding

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You've spent months (sometimes years) planning and now the rest of your life is about to begin. The week before your wedding can sometimes be a bit hectic, in this blog I am going to give you 12 things you should do on the week before your wedding.

1. Pick up your outfits

If you haven't already, pick up your dress and check it over. The likelihood of anything being wrong is so slim, but better safe than sorry! Make sure all suits, shoes and bridesmaids dresses are also all picked up and get them all tried on. You don't want to have to run to Tesco on the wedding day to pick up trousers for the groom on the wedding day (trust us from experience)!

2. Check your suppliers have everything they need

It is very likely that they do as most suppliers will need information more in advance but there are some things you could have missed;

- Check your stationery supplier has the final final table plan (they may need this a couple of weeks earlier so please check with them).

- Check you have sent the ceremony music to the venue. Make sure it is all in order and send a document along with the music stating which order the songs should be played to avoid any confusion.

- Check you have sent must have images to your photographer. You should trust your photographer, they are the professional after all. If you give them along lengthy list of photos (like those you can find on Pinterest) then they may miss some of the more wonderful candid moments throughout the day. However, if there are a couple of shots that are an absolute must, then talk through this with your photographer. For example, you want a photo of the grooms face as he first sees you, or you want to recreate a funny family photo, send this to your photographer and they can make sure it happens!

3. Get your beauty on

Hair, nails, tan, get it all done this week!

- Nails speaks for themselves, your hand will be a big hit on the day! We suggest getting your nails done a couple of days before, this gives you a chance to get used to them if you don't normally have them done.

- Get an appointment for the beginning of the week for your hair. This makes sure it is all new and fresh, theres room for changes incase you aren't happy with something, and by getting it done at the beginning of the week gives any colour a chance to settle so it doesn't look so shiny new!

- Get your spray tan booked if you're looking for a bronzed look. Make sure you go with someone you have used before, and have had a trial so you know exactly how tanned you would like to be!

- Photo - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

4. Pack your overnight bag, complete your honeymoon shop and pack your suitcase

Pick up any last minute items like plug adapters and toiletries and get them straight in your suitcase. Make sure you have any currency changed and documents all placed together so they're not lost! Pack everything so you don't have to worry about this after the wedding, it is all ready to go!

Pack for the night before the wedding if you are staying in a hotel or at the venue and pack a bag for the night of your wedding. Get this done a couple of days in advance and then all you just have to add anything you use in the morning to this.

5. Have a big tidy & clean of your house

You don't want to come back the day after your wedding, or after your honeymoon to a stack of dishes and a pile of washing! It will be so comforting coming home to a clean and tidy house after the biggest celebration!

6. Sort out gifts

If you are giving gifts to your bridal party or parents, whether it be during the speeches or in the morning, sort these all out so they are ready to go. That way you know they are ready and you can hand these over to the venue if necessary.

Photo - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

7. Put everything together

We always suggest collecting shoe boxes to couples as they make for an easy organisation tool! Place everything for each table in one box, name cards, favours, centrepiece, anything you need to transport to the venue. This way everything will be in one place and easy for whomever is setting up.

8. Finalise your vows

If you are writing your own vows then have a read over them, make any final changes and keep them safe. Do this at the beginning of the week, you will have so many things running through your mind closer to the day that leaving this to the last minute may result in something not making sense!

9. Write letters to each other

Write something in a letter or a card for each other to open the morning of your wedding, it can be romantic, soppy or funny but it will help settle your nerves and remind you of why you are getting married!

- Photo - Becky Harley Photography

10. Pack an emergency wedding day kit

Most wedding planners include this within their services, but if you haven't hired a planner, it's definitely something to look in to. A lot of wedding websites have a guide to what should be included, for example Hitched and Brides.

11. Drop items off at your venue

Most venues will allow this a couple of days or the day before the wedding. If you are unable to set up before the day then we would highly suggest checking with the venue when you are able to drop everything off. Doing this relieves the pressure on the wedding day while also giving extra time in the case of forgotten items, you don't want to be stuck without your dress hoop on the wedding day!

12. Spend a nice evening together

Remember to make time for each other! This is the last week of your lives before you're married so make sure to have one evening where phones are turned off and you have a date night. Do something fun and really take your minds of any stress! This will also help to put everything in to perspective of why you're getting married!

- Photo - Nikki Watkins Photo and Film

The week before your wedding can be stressful but we hope these 12 things can help put your mind at rest. If you have any questions or concerns whilst coming in to the last few weeks of wedding planning then get in touch!

Beth & Amy xo

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