Wedding Guest List: 10 Questions to ask yourself in Hertfordshire

Updated: May 12, 2020

Questions to ask yourself...

Start off by writing a list each (yourself and your partner) of all of your potential guest at your wedding...

  1. A-list for the first lot of invitations going out...

2. B-list the second list, if anyone on the first list decline.

Whats your budget for catering?

How many people can your venue hold? (Day and Evening)

Are the numbers you are wanting realistic for the venue, or will you potentially need to cut the numbers down.

What is the size of your wedding, are you having a big or small wedding?

The average for guests during the day ranges between 80 to 100 guests, with extras being added in the evening. How many people do you feel comfortable to have at your wedding

When did I last see this person?

Have you seen this person in the last 12 months? If not, why not?

If they are married - Did you attend their wedding?

Have I met this person before/ Does your fiancee know them?

Are they in a serious relationship such as engaged/ living together, if so why haven't you met them yet? If the couple are married then this is a higher reason for them to be invited.

- Friends...

Could you imagine your day without this person, if you couldn't because they have a positive influence on your life then invite them. However, if they would cause drama, I would suggest not inviting them.

- Family...

Are they close family that you see on a regular basis or have you not seen them for years, make sure that your family don't get too involved and insist on members being invited if you have decided not to invite them.

- Colleagues...

Do you see them outside of work and could you see your life without them? Don't feel that you have to invite your colleagues but if they have truly become your good friend then yes.

Adults only...

If you decide that you are having an adults only wedding, then you have to make sure that you make this clear on the invitation who is invited, rather than anyone getting confused.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest...

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