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Updated: May 11, 2020

Photo Booth...

Have you considered a Photo Booth for your wedding day? Many brides and grooms say that choosing their entertainment for guests was a challenging task as they wanted to fill their guests with a day to remember.


Are you inviting children to your wedding? A great bit of feedback from guests is that the children love a photo-booth, dressing up with the props and the touchscreen interactive elements keep them distracted whilst mum and dad go and let their hair down on the dance-floor. You will often find the kids at some point on the dancefloor with the props as well! Another top point was made that guests loved getting some family photos taken by the booth as this opportunity doesn’t happen often.


Feedback from many brides is that they find it particularly stressful considering ways to keep the guests entertained throughout their wedding. It is so simple and stress free! Hiring a photo booth can seriously keep your guests entertained for the duration of the evening and when they are not having selfie after group selfie.


Things that people will be talking about in years to come (including yourselves) will be your entertainment. Sorry ladies, even your dress will be a distant memory to the guests, but not to you, so that still matters! Getting the right entertainment is really going to make the night for you so this is worth the time and effort. Also, this genuinely will be something that will stay in yours and your guests memories for years to come.

Your wedding is likely going to be one of the most important days of your life and you will find that you may not get the opportunity to speak to all of your guests as much as you’d like too! This is normal so don’t worry and your guests will understand this. This is why seeing this collection of images in a guest book the next day will bring a huge smile to your face, as you will see your wedding from a new angle and from the perception of your guests!

A guest book for weddings is something most brides don’t think twice about. Asking your guests to leave you a message on your big day is a no brainer. Have you considered the opportunity to upgrade your guest book to include some epic images of your guests alongside their cheeky comments!

Whether insta is your portfolio or facebook is your frame, who doesn’t love capturing a killer selfie to share, along with some good times with crazy friends.

Don’t forget to grab you close ones and get those group shots in as when will you get all of your family together in a room on the same day again!


The ideal time to start is just after your wedding breakfast ends. This often lands around 7-8pm depending on your days schedule and this is something your wedding planner can help you with. Getting the booth set up in the background just adds to a smooth running of your day and adds some element of excitement once the breakfast ends and your reception begins! Booths can get your guests into the spirit before the music starts. A light form of entertainment to reignite the energy in the room!

Pictures of the happy couple!

One of the great aspects of having a booth is that whilst you are enjoying mingling with your guests leiusurely throughout the day, you can rest assured that they will not be bored, because they have some photo booth entertainment. Please please make sure you take a moment to snap some couple shots of you both however, especially if you have paid for a bespoke guestbook to be made with your photos from the day.

It is very easy to let the day slip by as you will be mingling with your family and friends and sipping back those glasses of fizz. This is one not to be missed by you two however! Luckily, if you have booked a booth attendant as well, they often come to grab you for some sizzling shots. If you have an unattended booth, we recommend you ask on of your bridesmaids to take the reigns with this one!

Oak Booth - 'Capture the moments'

You’ll add to your photography for the day when you hire a photo booth. Whilst you are elegantly making your way around each of your guests, collecting drinks along the way, your guests can entertain themselves. The prints coming out of most photo booths these days are high quality and can even be designed to print a personalised logo for your wedding.

1- A keepsake for your guests

You and guests can keep the photos and add them to your scrapbook for the day. It is always a great thing getting your scrapbooks out at gatherings and christmas to replay  those moments over and reminisce.

2 - Set the mood

If you’re looking for ways to fill a space at your venue with props and decoration then a Photobooth is a great option as it has the added bonus of entertainment. The addition of props and backdrops can complement your venue. Backdrops come in all shapes and sizes including the on trend macrame bohemian styles. The detail that goes into some of these pieces is breathtaking and each are unique.

3 - 5 Star Selfies

My face looks too big, the lighting is crap, I look too hot! Scrap taking hundreds of awkwardly angled selfies that you’re unhappy with and get a professional quality taken photo. Photobooths are installed with professional cameras and professional lighting to make every photo flawless. Most have the facility these days to text and email the images directly to your phone within an instant and then you can simply share away...

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