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Updated: May 14, 2020

Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life as it is the time when you make that lifetime commitment to a partner to share your life through both good and bad times. Every aspect of the planning is vital; from the choice of dress to the table decorations; the buttonholes for the parents to whether you have a sponge or fruit cake. It should all tessellate and fit together like a complete jigsaw. Therefore I take my role as a wedding D.J. very seriously as MY contribution to a couple’s special day can effectively ‘make or break it’! It will very much impact on the memories the happy couple and guests take away from this momentous occasion.

I started my career as a DJ in 1992 following the ‘rave era’ of music characterized by all those illegal parties on the M25. We were just about to enter an era of Britpop, Eurodance Music and groups like Take That and the Spice Girls. It seemed rather ‘naff’ at the time, but now holds great nostalgia for many people attending my wedding functions.

My initial motive to become a DJ was my passion for music combined with the fascination of seeing established DJs behind sets of decks, mixing and creating that dancefloor ‘buzz’. Following our purchase of our first rig in 1994 my confidence and experience quickly progressed and I was booked by various individuals and agencies for functions across Surrey several times. We entered the new millennium booked by the inhabitants of Bisley to do their village party and I wondered what the new decade would bring to develop my business. I met my future wife Tracey and moved to Wokingham which introduced me to a new area, new contacts and new markets. My wedding bookings were beginning to increase and my new brother in law took a growing interest in the business, launching his own disco business ‘Full Throttle’ which also grew steadily. By 2009 we decided to pool expertise, expenses and resources to create a family branding and ‘the Ultimate Disco Company’ was this born.

The past decade symbolized steady growth, purchase of new equipment, appearance at wedding fairs to enhance our visibility, networking with fellow suppliers to co-recommend wedding services and acquisition of new venues as preferred suppliers. It helped working full-time in the very ‘wedding orientated’ town of Farnham as news spread of my other career as ‘a wedding DJ’ so increasing more bookings. Very soon we were averaging around 40 weddings a year which is a BIG responsibility on your shoulders to create those amazing memories for so many couples.

Some services we have introduced for our wedding packages include the following:

• To go completely white on all of my disco rigs to compliment the ‘white theme’ of a wedding. The purchase of a white Lite Console rig in 2012 with overhead gantry, adding white speakers in 2015 and later white scrims, made this very popular with couples who preferred the ‘white look’ in their venue.

• To offer a photo CD service to our couples. Many wedding photographers offer an all-day service that starts in the morning and usually runs through till just after their first dance. This leaves much of the evening unphotographed and an opportunity for us to offer a ‘fun service’ taking ‘lively pictures’ and burning these to a CD or USB for a couple afterwards.

• To uplight and illuminate the venue in addition to the disco lights we bring along. Possessing a really good visual show is very important to us wedding DJs and I have a set of lights that can be distributed through a venue to add extra lighting and create stunning effects.

• To personalize playlists with preferred songs and omit specific ones not liked by our brides and grooms. Perceptions of DJs do vary very widely where some individuals perceive you to be anything from Tony Blackburn to an Ibiza DJ that has summer residencies in the super clubs.  I have to work hard to create an image of me as a DJ and I have the skills and expertise to provide you want as your wedding DJ. Traditional party classics like ‘Come on Eileen’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘the YMCA’ do still have a place in a wedding playlist, but many couples prefer formats that maybe ‘Club Classics’, ‘have a garage set in them’ or ‘4 Father – Daughter dances midway through the evening’. We can work to any format and be guided accordingly.

Certainly we can be part of a theme, provide an all-daywedding package and wear Black Tie / A Suit to observe the smartness and importance of the day, but we also have some key advice for happy couples to booking their wedding entertainment.

(1) - Do not put cost at the top of your list for selecting wedding entertainment unless you are on a really tight budget. Yes I totally agree that the British are a nationality of ‘loving a bargain’ but I re-emphasize the importance of generating those key memories from your evening. Isn’t it worth paying the right price for a decent DJ with years of experience, an excellent audio and lightshow and the ability to create that amazing atmosphere for your guests to dance to with the music you wanted to hear.

(2) - Insist on a signed contract with approved terms and conditions agreed by both parties. I am afraid to reveal that I hear too many ‘we booked a friend of a friend’s brother’s neighbour who does discos and forgot to put it in his diary.’…all for £75 cash on the night!

(3) - Ask those health and safety questions. Does your DJ have current Portable Appliance Certification that is current and up to date? Have they done a risk assessment at the venue? Do they need a DBS certificate if any vulnerable people attend the wedding? Probably these may not apply for most circumstances but it is all ‘food for thought’

(4) - Can you easily contact your DJ by whatever means? I prefer to leave a number as I find couples feel reassured if they are able to speak with me in person if they want some queries answered.

(5) - Is there any way of getting feedback about a DJ, their services and their abilities? It is very difficult to arrange for a prospective couple to see a DJ in action at a separate event, unless they are a guest. I always invite my clients to leave feedback on our social media presence which gives good evidence and credibility of my DJ-ing experience.

So I hope that has given you some good ‘food for thought’ about the role of a wedding D.J. and how to select a good one. Please do feel free to visit our social media presence:

If you have any inquiries then don’t hesitate in emailing us:

Or simply pick up the phone at anytime

0781 576 7719 / 0118 9797698

We are always very delighted to help.

Good luck with planning what really is ‘the most special day of your life’

Tracey, Steve and Daren of the Ultimate Disco Company

Beth x




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