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Updated: May 11, 2020

I am the honeymoons and wedding coordinator at Suitcase Travel so if you enquire with us about either of these, you will be sure to hear from me. I love this part of my job so much! I enjoy the fact that everyone is so different and therefore their honeymoon or wedding abroad is always varied between each couple - none are ever the same. I even like the ones that people feel are tricky as I do enjoy a good challenge and frankly, there is often something we can do that is really special for you.

People always ask what is my favourite honeymoon and wedding abroad that I have organised and it is genuinely difficult for me to choose. Regarding honeymoons my favourite destinations are Mauritius and Greece - in fact I am doing island hopping in Greece for my own honeymoon in June this year. I love the beautiful blue seas and skies and sitting by the pool to read my book yet I cannot do that for too long so both destinations allow me to go out and discover new things. I am not great at taking photos but both of these destinations are so beautiful that it is hard to not take a good photo.

However, if I really had to choose my favourite honeymoon that I have booked it would have to be a winter honeymoon in Scandinavia. The couple travelled along the Norwegian coast with Hurtigruten and got to do husky dog sledding and saw the Northern Lights. They then ended their honeymoon in Lapland at the breath-taking Arctic Treehouse. It is a hotel that has the most amazing views and you can snuggle up together against a wood burning fire. You definitely get brownie points on your Instagram with a stay here.

I cannot choose my favourite wedding abroad between two options. I organised a wedding in Cyprus at this really cool water mill just outside Paphos. It is like a barn but you can eat al-fresco and dance the night away under the stars still. It is really beautiful and romantic. The other favourite one was for a wedding in Lapland. Who knew you could get married here? It is perfect for smaller weddings and is totally different. The couple had just 8 guests in total and actually got married in an igloo. The photos looked amazing!

The world is such a big place, so there is always something for everyone. It is always changing as well ensuring that there are always new things to see and do. When you are planning your honeymoon in particular, it can be tough finding a destination that you both love. A honeymoon is a holiday like no other so we need to get it just right afterall. If you both cannot seem to agree or think of any ideas I always recommend for both of you to write separately three things that you absolutely want to do whilst away and up to three things you do not want to do. Then put your answers together and have a look at what destinations allow you to do those experiences. Even if you both want to do completely different things for your honeymoon, trust me there is always a destination for you.

When you start looking at your honeymoon, I do have a few top tips for you.

My first is always to use a travel agent. I do not say this just because I am one but for honeymoons in particular, travel agents really are invaluable. We make sure you get all the honeymoon offers that are available. These can be discounts, free room upgrades, freebies like special dinners or spa treatments and even a mix of all of the above. I definitely ensure I get these for you as who does not like a good deal, right?

My other top tip is not to panic. I often see couples who have over a year to go until they get married and start to get worried that they have not thought about their honeymoon. I have also had people with only six months to go and they are panicking that they have left it too late. My answer is simply that is all OK and we have plenty of time. The majority of the time, it is best to wait a little while. The flights for destinations outside of Europe are not released until 11 months in advance and for European destinations normally around 6 months in advance. You are best waiting until the flights are out to get the best prices, however there are some companies who have contracts for advance booking of flights. The travel agent will know all of these and what is best to do for you.

If you need a bit more time saving for the honeymoon, that is totally fine and you can wait for a few months after the wedding until you go away. In fact, sometimes it is a really good option as you may find that the weather for a lot of countries is better a few months after the wedding. Plus you have more time to save. You can also get your guests to phone up your travel agent and put some money towards the honeymoon. No matter what the budget you have, there is often something we can do that you will love.

When planning for your wedding abroad, the two most important questions you have to ask yourselves are 1) do you want the marriage in that country to be legally recognised in the UK and 2) how many guests will you definitely be having? The first one is important as there are a few places where you can get married but the ceremony is actually a blessing as they are not recognised as legal in the UK and so you have to have a wedding at a UK registry office at least beforehand. If you do not mind this, which many couples do not, then there are a few more destinations you can look at. The second question is also important because each venue and destination is so different and the numbers really help narrow down the options and get the perfect wedding sorted.

I hope this blog has been a bit useful and have got you inspired for either your honeymoon or wedding abroad. If you want to get in touch and have a chat about any of these, I am more than happy to do so as I do love talking all things honeymoons and weddings abroad.

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