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Updated: May 14, 2020

My Wedding Style

My wedding style as a planner links with a few different ideas that I have connected to make my own for ‘Miss Carlysle and Co – Weddings and Events’. I love the use of rustic and the blush style, having a rustic ti-pee in a field/ farm that has a barn which can be turned into the rustic style with blush colours used through the flowers, centrepieces and dresses. You can really make the ti-pee and barn your own, decorating it to really fit in with the style so that it is personal.

This style works well in the spring/ summer months, where you can spend time with your friends and families in a quieter area that you have made your own for your special day.

In England, we have miles and miles of land, which can be perfect for your wedding day.

The barns that have caught my attention are in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

I have found some pictures on Pinterest that can really explain my style through pictures. Every wedding planner is different, finding the one that works for you is vital.

*all pictures below are from Pinterest*


When going through my style, I found this invitation and found that it massively matched. It has the outdoor vibe, which links well with a rustic invitation. With the light flowers around the writing.

Invitations are what your guests see before anything to do with the wedding, spend time working on your style before deciding on your invitations. There are so many different designs and choices around, feel free to put your own design together. Your save the date and invitation should reflect the style of your wedding as it will allow for the guests to take a guess at the theme of the day.

This design really reflects the rustic, outdoor style that I am going for.


For the tables within your outside area, you are able to use a wooden bench which can be decorated in the way that works best for you. On the table I prefer the centrepieces which flow into one and can be draped over the table rather than the higher centrepieces that really stand out.


The colours in the flowers above really complement each other, with the pinks, peaches with the green. You can use these colours for the bouquets, centrepieces and the in and around the venue. These colours really represent the outdoor vibe that I am creating for my style.

Flowers are one of the main things for the day of the wedding, every person at the wedding has their eyes on the bride and how her flowers look. Using the blush style for your flowers, having the light pink, peaches, light colours with the use of the leaves going through the bouquet. Makes such a beautiful bouquet, in regards to the style.


The dress in this picture reflects the use of the outdoors and the blush style, the flowers on the bridesmaid’s head link massively to the outdoor vibe.

The beautiful dresses, go well with the use of the spring/ summer time, in the outdoor environment.

Having the pictures in the outdoors, is a quiet environment, not being disturbed and it can be very personal to the bride and groom.


The rustic candles work so well, having these laid out throughout the ti-pee really work well together, linking with the outdoor scenery. Providing the light, with some fairy lights, to avoid having any big lights in the ti-pee.

Smaller sized bar

The use of an old horsebox being converted into a transportable bar, it is such a good idea for an outdoor styled wedding. Using smaller businesses to help them out and for it to be personal to you and your guests.


When I found this ti-pee, I knew it would work so well with my style that I am putting across.

The ti-pee reflects the benches that I was stating above, everyone is together and it provides a very chilled environment. From this ti-pee, you can see that it is tidy and designed in a certain way, you are able to easily walk around and it doesn’t feel as if it is too clutter.

You can watch the sunset, where you are getting ready to party!!

Book/ gifts table

This picture reflects a picture area, where you can write down a message to the happy couple, take pictures and share your memory. This is a rustic style, and a good keepsake from the wedding day.

On a table like this you are able to add in a gifts area to the end, you can have a rustic post-box. Your family and friends will be able to ‘post’ their letter to you and share the love. I feel this is a lovely idea and really affective.

Having a table set for gifts (put out early enough so guests don’t have to hold the gift for most of the day) always for guests to know where to put their gifts and it can be decorated into a beautiful area for you and your partner.

All of these pictures are found from @pinterest.

I hope that you love this style as much as I do, for any enquiries, contact me at and 07986489639.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x

My diary is open for 2020 and 2021, get in touch today!

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