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Updated: May 11, 2020

Wedding and event planner services - What I offer...

Do you need assitance with the planning of your wedding? Whether that’s with the creative side, sourcing of vendors or the overall support and planning. I will create your unforgettable day, creating lasting memories and a unique wedding for you and your guests.

I will spend time with you, getting to know you and what you want, we will meet at your complimentary initial consultation.

I am very flexible with what I offer to couples, I offer creative ideas through moodboards if you struggle with finding ideas that match, partial planning if you want to plan the day but need some guidance and support, full management which is completely stress free for you as I will take over the planning and on the day management, which refers to the couple wanting to have a stress free day but they have completely planned their wedding day, they will hand over all of the responsibilities to a professional (myself) in the weeks leading up to their special day.

Mood-board - from £25

I will share my creative side with you, putting moodboards together of your special day, they will match your style, needs and ideas. Put together each idea into their very own mood board, knowing what works well and what would not. I have examples of my moodboards on my instagram highlight page, which allows for you to see how I lay aspects out on the page and what I would be able to put together for you and your partner.

Sharing of Contacts and Vendors - £75

I have spent hours contacting and making contact with a range of vendors and suppliers, I have worked with a range of different vendors and feel it is a good idea for me to share these with you.

If I share my contacts with you, you will receive a discount from some of the vendors and know that they are reliable and wont let you down on your special day.

you might not know whether a vendor/ supplier is going to let you down, it’s improtsmt to know if they are going to complete their work and not let you down.

I charge £75 for sharing of contacts and vendors, if you need extra support with contacting them and organising your day, an extra fee will be charged.

On the Day Management - from £700

This co-ordination is referred to a couple having completed the planning themselves, but within the last few weeks when you want to relax and not worry about their special day. They want to hand over to a professional and allow for the wedding planner to take over the responsibility of contacting vendors and suppliers in the last few weeks to make sure that they schedule is in place and co-ordinate the day.

I am happy to take over the responsibility of the on the day co-ordination so you can relax and enjoy your time/ day.

I will take over the co-ordination for the last 2-4 weeks leading up to the wedding, providing you with my expertise.

Partial Planning - from £1600

Within the partial planning package, you will receive a free initial consultation, we will discuss your plan and what you want me to plan for your special day.

You are able to contact me via phone or email during the day where I will happily provide support and help to you when you need it.

I will source your suppliers and will accompany them to your meetings, with the partial planning I will provide you with the contacts, any liasing with suppliers with be provided by me but any communications will be you, with my support.

As the wedding planner, my role is to put together your wedding day schedule, wnsuringthe suppliers/ vendors know the plan, making sure they turn up on time and everything is ready for the day ahead.

On the day of the wedding, I will be the main point of contact where the bridal party will have my number so if any issues arise then I will be there to sort out. These issues will be dealt with discreetly and will be stress-free.

I will manage the wedding party, making sure everyone knows the plan and what lies ahead. On the day I will provide 8 hours of on the day management. If you have any questions about this then feel free to email me:

Full Planning - 10-15% of your overall budget

To breakdown our full planning wedding package... you will receive an initial consultation, we will meet and will discuss you ideas, theme and style. From this I will create an event proposal and moodboards, using my creative design. I will support your budget management, conducting any payments with your given budget, provide a detailed budget breakdown and the management of processing your budget.

As an event planner I will be able to provide you with my contacts to vendors and suppliers, I will go to meetings with them where you will be able to receive business discounts. There will be ongoing consultation and advice provided with the venues, suppliers, wedding etiquette and styling. You will receive a list of suppliers that match your budgets and requirements, e.g. venue, catering, photographer, videographer, florist, entertainment, transport, cake designers etv. As soon as we have managed to breakdown and short list the potential venues and suppliers, we will co-ordinate the appointment with your availbity and provide all meeting confirmation with you, I will be with you at all appointments. We will be able to assist you in agreeing contracts and pricing negotiations.

You will be able to contact me via email and phone during the timescale up to the wedding and after, with anything you need to discuss for me.

You will receive constant updates about how the planing is going.

On the day, I will manage all the suppliers and vendors at the ceremony and reception site, after making the schedule on the wedding day. Dealing with any unexpected problems on the day and will be the main point of contact.

Using this package you will receive co-ordination and service throughout the day, from start to finish on the day.

This allows for you relax and enjoy your celebration.

I do not need a timescale with this package, I will work with your time and date.

All our packages are bespoke and can be tailored to your requirements, and prices are calculated accordingly. There is a minimum fee of £2000 for this package.

Event planning - 10-12% of overall budget

With your event, I will provide support from the start right through to the end. You will receive a complimentory initial consultation, where we will discuss ideas and the plan for the event.

i have a vendors list which I will use, calling them up and booking in meetings which work around your schedule, I will also attend these meetings with you. as an event planner I will be able to negotiate prices with the vendors to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

on the day of the event I will be there a few hours before to set up and make sure the vendors know when to be there and what they need to do, providing this event co-ordination will give you a piece of mind and allow for you to be stress free on the day of the event.

Budget management can be hard for events, I will track your budget and make sure that you don’t go over budget, providing support with knowing how much you need to spend on each section.

I will co-ordinate the day to ensure that every thing is running smoothly, making sure your event is stress free. I will put together a schedule of the event, making sure all the suppliers and vendors are turning up at the correct time and know what setting up needs to occur.

with. As the event planner, I will provide you with guest list assistance, providing you with information of how many people are coming, sending out the invitations.

If needed I will book hotel rooms and taxis for the guests,

We will work closely together planning the event for you, making sure the event is meeting your needs and expectations.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, or 07986489639.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x

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