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Updated: May 14, 2020

When it comes to wedding styles, the next one that massively stood out to me had to be the 'garden party' style. Coming from England, we have beautiful gardens/ woodland area all around the country that are being used to full extend with bbq's, parties, weddings and many more. What more could you truly want than to have a wedding party in the late spring/ early summer months than in a garden, where you have flowers and greenery surrounding you, birds singing in the trees and the beautiful weather. Garden party style is fresh, you can include beautiful colours throughout.

Secret garden party style can produce a laid-back feeling, having the sun set behind the scenery of the wedding reception, being outside you are in the soft air with the lush greenery and the summer blue skies, for a reception you want the evening to be chilled and relaxed for everyone. As an event planner, you understand that you need to shop around when it comes to buying items for a wedding/ event, there are vintage stores and charity shops around. Being able to find items such as old chairs, tables, books etc for your event and being able to give back to shops in your community.

*all pictures below are from Pinterest*


If you are planning on having a spring/ summer wedding, the secret garden party is a style to consider. Imagine the romantic lighting as the sunsets, taking pictures with the sun setting behind can capture a beautiful moment for a couple. Allocate time with your photographer to ensure that you will be able to capture these moments. For your secret garden party style to work perfectly, you have to choose a wedding venue who have some beautiful walled gardens alongside their venue, the outdoor space is what will make the day complete. You can decide to have a marquee or you can have an open-aired reception with the tables and chairs underneath fairy lights which create a relaxed atmosphere. With your venue chosen you can then send your wedding guests some beautiful garden-inspired invitations that will set the style of your day. Speak to your stationery designer about your ideas and they will be able to use floral details and leafy green tones to create your very own magical wedding stationery.

Decorations - Place Settings

Decorating your reception, you can have as many decorations as you want, on your table you can consider the centrepieces, do you want to have birdcages as centrepiece with beautiful flowers spilling out of the side given the nature feel. You can decorate the tables with candles, the candles create the romantic feel this links with lanterns, you can place lanterns in the trees lighting up the area. With the decorations, you are able to buy the items and make the centrepieces online using a step by step guide, this can keep your costs down and they are easy to make by hand. From the left at the table placement, you can see how simple but elegant the use of candles and flowers in the middle of the table are. You do not need to go all out with the centrepieces as you can see how affective this layout is.


Invites are personal to the couple, where they can make it in regards to the style. This can prepare people for the wedding reception and the style that it will be, and what they are able to wear. The example shows the way you can do it and how you can prepare an invitation for the wedding.


For the secret garden party style, the perfect colours are pinks, yellows, oranges, you can use these as your theme. With the bouquets and the table spreads, fresh flowers are calming and creates romantic atmosphere which can complete the table. If you reuse bouquets and place them on the tables the it can cut down the prices if you are on a tight budget.

Food and Beverage

Welcome drinks can include fresh berries as shown above, they can complete the look of a drink and really give the feel that you are outdoors and enjoying nature. This is not an expensive way to complete the look of a drink either! Using simple glassware such as the wine glasses above can seem elegant even though they were a simple touch.

Fresh berries can also be added onto the cake, what fruit can do is they can link with the spring/ summer months and make the guests feel refreshed.


Maxi dresses are beautiful and can channel a laid back style, delicate lace and light colours such as pinks, peaches, can add to your garden style. They are light, simple, delicate lace, add positively to the garden style theme.


You can spread the love with the gifts during a secret garden party style, if you are planning on giving out favours then you can use seeds. These seeds can be your favourite flowers, then your guests will be able to share the love by suggesting that they can plant the seeds. This is a simple favour but affective.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and ideas towards a secret garden style, you can use the different styles and put your own twist on them. You can use your creativity to a next level.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x

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