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Updated: May 12, 2020

I am Alina and i am the owner of Sara’s Events flowers and styling. Just a little bit of a background on my business name as probably everyone is wondering where the name comes from…becoming the mother of my sweet daughter was the most amazing feeling and achievement of all, so I decided to name my business after my lovely creative daughter: Sara. She is 5.5 years old and already helping me when creating flowers and venue styling.

I offer bespoke flower design and venue styling.

Why I do what I do:

During my university years i got a weekend job with a flower and venue styling company and I realized this is what I enjoy doing and something I would like to do for the rest of my life. My background is not in floristry but in Environmental and Health and safety. I continued with my career in environmental and health and safety for a few years, but my passion for creating and be surrounded with flowers was still in my heart so I decided to start my business.

Flowers and styling are such a big part of a wedding. I love meeting couples and help them decide on the style, design that will fit their desires and wishes. I have a close relationship with all my couples and become very good friends throughout the month before the weeding. I do create unique, bespoke designs for my couples, help them choose the right flowers, styling that will fit their style and their budget. Having a background in Environment I try to create sustainable arrangements, going foam free and looking for alternatives. Also re-using the ceremony flowers for the reception is another advise I offer to my couples to try to reduce their costs and wastes.

I am working with seasonal flowers and try to use British suppliers and farm growers. so my main style is natural, romantic, wild, that gives me the freedom of creating; but I can also offer and create luxury arrangements with a more classical look, but I will always go for something a bit different, trying to create something new even if the styling is more elegant. You can always have an elegant and luxury wedding with creative flower designs and styling.

Every couple and wedding is different and this is what I love the most, being creative and doing something different each time. I do not like to create the same arrangements and bouquets; I want to be creative and put my own input into each flower arrangement I am creating.

From the moment I meet a couple and we start talking about what style, colour scheme they want, I start visioning the wedding day in my mind. After the meeting I start the process of creativity and offering the couples a lot of advice and ideas.

The work does not come without challenges, but when I see the final result i always forget about all the challenges and my heart fills with amazing feelings. This feeling cannot be substituted with any other feeling in the world, it keeps reminding me that this is what I love to do and my couples’ excitement, love on the day keeps me going in this adventure I started.

What I love more about the industry

In the last year I met amazing suppliers that become my friends and that is what I love about this. I am always opened meeting other florists and share our experiences, love to create amazing installations and weddings with other florists and suppliers.

I like that everyone has an input into creating a special day for the couple and work together towards that. Team work is what I love about this industry as everyone has the same goal: creating something amazing for the couple.

What I also love about the industry is that I get to see so many venues and discover places even around my area that I had no idea about. Amazing venues and surroundings that I find myself revisiting on my spare time with my family.

Favourite Creation

I think for each florist the best part of creating the flowers for a wedding is creating the bridal bouquet. It is always the biggest challenge as you want your bride to love it, but the most creative part of all. Each bridal bouquet has a little bit of my heart in it and I think that says it all about the pleasure, love I have to do what I do. When you have a passion for what you do, everything becomes so much easier and pleasant at the same time.

Another part of a wedding that become one of my favourites lately, is creating bespoke installations, hanging installations, arches. I love doing this as I can become so creative when doing it and no installation will look the same because it gives me a bit of freedom to add my own touch into it.

I love trying different combinations and that is the reason I like for this year to try more creative style and introduce dried flowers in combination with fresh flowers, that gives a unique look of the arrangements and installations.

Choosing a theme

It is always good to choose a colours scheme for your weeding, that will allow the florist to work around it. Also before meeting a florist and after you choose your venue, it always helps to start looking on Pinterest, Instagram for ideas and the style that you like and maybe starting creating a mood board will help identifying what you really like.

Some couples choose the colours and style and give freedom to the florist to create something for the day. I always visit the venue before offering any advice and ideas. The couple chose the venue because they like the venue style, so if it is an elegant and romantic one I will know what style they will look for; or if it is a barn I will also know the style they are looking for.

So it is really important to meet your florist and book a venue tour together so you can explain better what is that you are looking for.

Any tips you want to share

Make sure the suppliers you choose fit the style you want to create for your wedding day and the venue you choose will fit the style you want to create for your day. If you want a rustic wedding, you will not go for a very elegant venue. I always like a challenge, but sometimes it is impossible to create the style in a venue that is not suited for that style.

Book the florist well in advance so you can avoid any disappointments.

Alina x

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