Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire Shares Tips and Tricks on Choosing your Photographer

Updated: May 14, 2020

What makes a good wedding photographer is the 4 P’s!

Picture Quality, Personality, Passion and Price.

Picture Quality.

The first is an obvious one, it’s easy to quickly glace at the homepage image. This is likely to be the photographers BEST photo. Dig deeper have a look at an entire session of photos, from getting ready, ceremony, confetti throw, speeches to first dance. That way you can see a range of photos, any photographer can take a good confetti shot but what are they like in low lighting conditions? Have they captured the personalities of the B&G does the session convey the happiness and beauty of the day? I am a story teller, I love to capture events as they unfold in the day, father of the bride’s first look, but I’m also a sucker for a stylish group shot of the bride and her girls. I love a natural light shot of the bride getting ready but also have a decent flash for the dancefloor shots.


Weddings can be stressful, your photographer will be dealing with a lot of people, the officiant, the videographer, your family, the ushers, your wedding planner … do they have the confidence to remain calm under pressure and are they able to coordinate? You should be able to get a feeling of their professionalism from your initial contacts. How quickly and professionally did they respond to your emails. Do they have a system in place to respond to your emails and send contracts and fact finding forms? I send out forms to gather data on the timings, vendors, group shot requirements, contacts for bride and groom etc so there is no “whoopsies” on the day. I’m a crier, I cry at strangers weddings as I absolutely love the drama and little things that I’m privileged to see on the day of someone’s wedding, my camera bag also has tissues and safety pins and scissors, you never know when your bride might need you! I’m a friendly person who’ll put the party as ease, but won’t become the party!


Experience as a photographer is important, of course it is! But make sure your photographer isn’t burnt out. I only shoot a maximum of 8 weddings a year, and only the weddings that suit my portfolio. Is the photographer you’re considering shooting 40 weddings a year? Can you be sure they will bring the same passion to your day. It can be done! But have a look at their portfolio, are you seeing the same shots over and over again, or do they get creative and try new things? Check out their Instagram, they probably update that more regularly than their website.


Cheap isn’t necessarily bad and high end isn’t necessarily good quality. My packages start at £1200 for 8 hours. I have a minimum to cover my good quality memory cards, my dual slot camera (if one card fails I have a backup), insurance, travel, accommodation ( I wouldn’t risk driving a long distance on the day) a backup camera, time it takes to edit your photos and the admin required to ensure I am fully prepared for your special day. If good quality pictures are important to you, with a range of styles, portraits, group shots, details, then your photographer must possess a range of good quality lenses. These can start at £500 upwards, each. Ask yourself, is the price you’re being quoted really what a professional photographer would charge?

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- Sapna Odlin

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