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Updated: May 11, 2020

Head spinning from your recent engagement, Friends and Family are all over moon and I bet you’ve so eager to plan your wedding.

DON’T START YET! I recommend you read these series of blogs by Miss Carlysle and co's guests, who are leading wedding suppliers, as they can save you failing to pit fall that could cost you money or even worst ruin your day.

I am known as Misterey (aka Eddie Young) I have a passion in taking weddings to the next level and most important have your day REMEMBERED for years with LIVE Magical entertainment performed right in your family and friend’s hands.

Making the impossible seem possible.  

Why do I love being a Modern Magician? There are not many jobs in the world where you leave a memory in so many lives.

Many people remember their favourite teacher at school, best children TV program and the first for record you brought. They also remember the first magician from their childhood this is over 15 years.

That’s why I love being a magician. Making memories about your big day, entertaining guest during lulls whilst have photos, between course and during room turn arounds.

I have many magical creations that produces a kiss on the brides hand, turning Coke Cola to Tea in a can and the cherry on the cake is merging two signed card to one and then the whole deck of card disappearing in the Bride and Grooms hand. Making so many talking points, WOW moments and memories that we will out last many services you use at your wedding.

The best tip is before you pick up the phone, message or email ANYONE is to create a Wedding email address.

Best FREE email providers are, Gmail or Yahoo.

Sample idea, or

All your wedding emails, Quotes, Invoices, etc all go to one email address saving all these email getting lost in your personal mailbox, also you don’t get a supplier emailing your personal account 12 months after your wedding.

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