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Updated: May 11, 2020

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve always loved photography for as long as I can remember, especially portraiture. When I photographed my first wedding I knew then and there that I wanted to capture and create these beautiful memories for people. I’m such a believer in documenting and preserving the special moments in our lives and a wedding day is the perfect event to be able to do this for others. I get such a buzz from seeing others so happy and a warm feeling inside every time I look through a wedding gallery. Wedding days are fast pace, busy and sociable whereas editing and admin is slower and more relaxing, the combination of the two roles makes being a wedding photographer the perfect job for me.

What do you love most about the industry?

I love how creative the wedding industry is and how it connects so many talented individuals across all creative paths and brings them together to collaborate and create magic. Being able to encourage, support, learn from and network with these individuals is a truly unique situation that I don’t think many other industries offer. I’ve made great friends through the industry and hope to continue building these connections in 2020.

Favourite Creation

My favourite types of shoots are the ones where I have the most creative freedom. This could be with real wedding couples that are up for all different photos, really love and appreciate their photography or attending a styled shoot to work with a model and other wedding suppliers. I recently photographed a styled shoot created by the super talented Sarah Shuttle at the gorgeous new wedding venue Shaw House in Newbury. The model was just effortless, the outfits where beautiful and being free to create whatever images I want is always dreamy. They are some of my favourite images I’ve ever taken.

Choosing a theme?

My style of photography can be described as bright and airy and I use natural light as much as possible. This style not only suits my personal taste but it really compliments the way that I shoot with my camera, the settings I use and how I approach and create my imagery. Photographers styles can vary massively, but I think it’s always best to follow what you truly love both stylistically and aesthetically.

Any tips you want to share?

- Make sure you choose a photographer who’s style you really love

- Make your couple portraits a priority in your day and enjoy them -

remember even if you feel slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera, these are your images to cherish forever and this day will never happen again

- Make sure you get ready before you think you need to be ready - there’s nothing worse than rushing to the aisle, take time for a glass of bubbly and a few photos with your bridesmaids

- It’s England, if it rains, there’s nothing you can do to change it, so embrace it, grab an umbrella and don’t let it affect your special day

- If possible, visit your venue the same month that you’re getting married the year before so you can see how the venue looks in this weather, how it will be dressed inside.

- Megan Daisy Photography

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