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Updated: May 12, 2020

Why I do what I do?

I am Keshell, the owner and face of Liquid Mobile Bar. I started up Liquid back in 2017 with the ambition to bring fun, funky and creative drinks to an unlimited number of guests in all sorts of locations.

I want to take my wonderful horse box to locations all around the Uk, from festivals through to weddings and provide the best service to anyone who approaches me. Not only am I focused on giving a top quality service I am set on ensuring each and every single drink tastes delicious and looks extremely appetising hence the excessive toppings on my drinks. I love seeing my customers treat themselves to my drinks, so I make sure they received the best treats possible from service to flavours. I therefore built my menu with a variety of flavours to ensure each guest has an option on the menu they will enjoy, also sticking to the best ingredients to create the treats is vital! I had worked in hospitality for 7 years before taking my dreams and passions to the next stage, these years of working within bars and restaurants allowed me to gain heaps of knowledge and experience within the industry.

I love to see my customers talk about how delicious their treats are to their friends and family, it sparks conversations and connections which is great to see. When I was planning Liquid Mobile Bar many of my thoughts were dedicated to designing my perfect set up, my set up is the face of my brand and is what reflects my business... rustic, fun, luxurious and unique.

Therefore my horse box stands out while adapting to any environment, it looks beautiful in any location and is sure to impress any attendees.

When guests tell me how incredible their drinks taste it still makes my day and is the reason I started Liquid and will continue Liquid.

What do I love most about the wedding industry?

I love meeting new people from the talented suppliers I cross paths with through to the clients and their families. Love brings happiness, so for me working in the wedding industry brings happiness as I get to bring happiness on the wedding day but also I get to see others enjoying food, company and general life around them.

Favourite Creations?

My Oreo Milkshake is simply delicious, it is what Liquid is most noticed for as EVERYONE loves it so it is always on the menu without fail. Yes, the flavours are the reason why this drink is my personal favourite but when I see others drink it and share that moment of enjoyment ... that is what tops it all off.

Another favourite of mine is our wonderful homemade spiced mulled wine. I made mulled wine for the first time winter just gone, testing out numerous recipes to make sure I got the right balance of flavours. After a few trial and errors I came to create a delicious homemade mulled wine recipe of my own, combining a number of warming winter spices, fruity flavours and a special Christmas sweetness. It is Christmas in a cup, I have served it at four different occasions over the winter period and everyone loved it which was amazing to hear. This year I am going to make sure it will be enjoyed at numerous Christmas markets and at corporate/wedding bookings!

Finally I must add my favourite cocktail of course! This year I have introduced our seasonal cocktail menus that will alternate throughout the seasons, bringing an exclusivity to each event each year. So this year on the Funky Christmas Cocktail Menu I had Berry Holiday, combining gin, fresh lime, homemade raspberry syrup, fresh mint and fresh thyme. It was so delicious, sweet, fruity and christmasy in one cup! Definitely everyones favourite so will keep that on the menu with slight twists over this year.

Choosing a theme?

I love a theme! Choosing a theme as a bride and groom must be very difficult as there are so many options to go down, but I would just stick to something that is close to you and your partners heart and reflects your personality as you are never to forget this is YOUR wedding day.

For Liquid I love to match our bars to the theme for any event! Luckily my horse boxes have many characteristic touches, they too both have all of the original hooks and bolts which I love. This makes it easier for me to add multiple decorations to the horse boxes for the theme. Not only do I decorate my bars to match your themes, I name the drinks on the menu to match the theme too or name them after personal references to yourself.

Any Tips...

Remember that when receiving quotes the lowest quote is not always the best option, think why are they able to quote so low and what elements are they skipping to get there?

Quality is key...

Plan well ahead of time! Time flies by and you do not want to leave things too late and then to begin rushing, wedding planning is to be an enjoyable time have fun with it and don’t restrict your time. ALSO dates book up fast especially in peak seasons, make sure you get there in time!

Don’t be afraid to ask...

Suppliers always have a list of other recommended suppliers. By using recommended suppliers brings an extra level of trust, if they are being recommended then you know they exist and are great at the services they cover. In addition to this, ask your supplier if they cover any other service areas and then you can hit two love birds with one stone. For example I cover luxury milkshakes which pairs nicely with fresh juices for an arrival drink, but we also cover cocktails and regular bar services so we could swap into the second service and second offering for the afternoon ceremony - this way there will be less stress on your shoulders as you don't need to look for an extra drink supplier.

Thank you so much for reading,

- Keshell

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Beth x




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