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Updated: May 11, 2020

Why you do what you do?

My sheer love for music and dj'ing is why I do what I do, and is what drives me towards creating awesome wedding reception parties!

What you love most about the industry?

What I love most is how so many people come together to create someone's wedding day; wedding suppliers, venue staff, friends and family of the couple, and of course the couple themselves! Everyone does their bit to ensure the day is perfect, runs smoothly, and is everything the couple have dreamt about.

Choosing a theme

If you have chosen a particular theme for your wedding then as a DJ there are some fun elements that can be tailored further to tie in with the chosen theme. Music-wise there are unlimited possiblites to help set the right scene, from background music in the day, to grand entrance songs and more.

One feature I can provide that is perfect for embracing a theme is my customisable DJ booth panel.

Having a festival themed wedding? Create a DJ/band line up, create an outdoor stage, have food and drink trucks! Go crazy and embrace the theme!


My top wedding tip as always is do things the way you want to do them! The only things you HAVE to do at your wedding is exchange rings and vows, and even that can be totally different if you go with a celebrant wedding. Don't feel you have to stick with all the traditions if you aren't that keen on them, do things your way.

- Dan

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