Wedding Florist Bedfordshire Shares Tips and Tricks on Choosing Wedding Florals

Updated: May 11, 2020

Why you do what you do:

My name is Sophie and I am the owner of Sophie May floral, a florist and flower preservation business. I have always been a creative person but didn't like drawing or painting, I always preferred making things and using my hands so floristry is perfect. Flowers are such a major part of your wedding day, they decorate your venue exactly how you want it and will be in nearly every photo so you will want to choose a florist that you really love. I really enjoy working with each individual couple to really understand what look they're are going for so I can design something bespoke, personalised and unique for them as I believe every couple is different so shouldn't have to choose such an important thing from a price list or "menu"! Then I decided that I wanted to find a way for people to be able to keep their flowers forever so I did hours of research into resin and drying flowers which led me to offering flower preservation. It is also another way for me to be creative!

I always find myself feeling very nervous before delivering wedding flowers as they are so important and I know I have worked my hardest to create what the bride wants. All those nerves go away as soon as the brides face lights up, this is definitely the best thing about my job!

I like to meet each couple, more than once if they wish to discuss their vision so I can really understand what they want their wedding to look like. I will start off by getting to know you, asking what your favourite flowers are or if there are any specific ones which have a special meaning to either of you, as well as discussing your colour scheme and giving my advice on what will work best. I will also ask what your theme or style is, and we will talk about what type of arrangements you want and how many, for example a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, table centres, church decorations, top table arrangements, a statement piece, the list could go on!

What you love most about the industry:

Teamwork from other people in the industry is great and everyone I have met so far has been lovely, and styled shoots are a great way to meet other suppliers and incorporate our work, this type of networking is great if we end up working together on your wedding as we will already know each other and how each other works.

Usually after doing a wedding I will contact you to ask if you are happy for me to use photos from your wedding on my social media, I will also contact the photographer to check they are happy as well. It is also very helpful if you can provide a list of your suppliers so I can tag them in any photos I use and make sure they get the credit they deserve!

Favourite creation:

The Bridal bouquet has always been my favourite thing to create, as it is such a personal and special piece that needs to be perfect for every bride. This is the most precious piece from your wedding flowers, it is the thing which will be in nearly all of your photos and what you will carry down the aisle, so you need to really love it and make sure your florist really knows your style. With the bridal bouquet you can make a real statement by choosing something bold and big or you could go for something understated by choosing neutral colours and a smaller design. My favourite is definitely and bold ones, I love how eye catching they can be. Personally I think trailing and wild foliage mixed with your flowers looks gorgeous, especially with ones such as peonies, roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus, astrantia, astilbe, scabiosa, clematis and many other country garden style flowers. I also love including succulents and air plants in a bouquet to give a slightly different texture and give it more interest, these are also nice to be able to keep as a plant after the wedding. There are also several different ways to decorate your bouquet such as a plain ribboned handle, or stunning trailing ribbons in complimentary colours to your flowers. Twine also looks lovely and gives it a very rustic feel to the bouquet. Some brides also choose to add charms to lockets in memory of family members who couldn't be with them on their wedding day. All of these things are what I like to find out at your wedding consultation and means I can really personalise your flowers.

I also love creating a top table arrangement which will sit in front of the new couple during the ceremony and then be moved to the top table as decoration. I prefer to do these with lovely wild, trailing foliage so it flows over the table mixed with flowers in your colour scheme. I also love how top table arrangements look in a long narrow crate, possibly personalised with your names and wedding date.

In terms of flower preservation my favourite pieces to create are the large ones such as my 9inch x 9inch free standing square or my large freestanding heart. This is because I can be really creative and make a gorgeous piece of art with more of your bouquet than I can with any of my smaller pieces. These ten look amazing displayed in your home and are a great conversation starter when you have guests as it is so unique and eye catching. It is such a lovely way to remember your special day and it means you never have to get rid of your flowers!

Choosing a theme:

Your theme should be something that really shows off your personality as a couple, it could be to do with something you really love doing together such as a hobby, or it could just be a mix of your favourite colours, either way there is a style of flowers which will fit every theme. My personal floristry style would suit a wedding that had a wild, natural and rustic theme, rather than very compact and neat. I find the use of a lot of greenery works well for this or country garden style flowers to give it the just picked look! My flowers work well with wood accents such as log slices or crates. Tall candles and a mixture of gold accents also look lovely with a cluster of bottles or small vases giving a very abundant look.

Any tips you want to share:

Have an idea of what kind of flowers you would like before meeting your florist, possibly show them some inspiration photos of what you like. Although most florist will not just copy the photo, it will help them understand what you're looking for and will do something similar but in their style. Please also listen and trust their expertise as they will have a lot of experience of what will and won't work, there is nothing better than knowing your client really trusts and loves your work!

Make sure to decide what you want to do with your flowers after the wedding, I would suggest preserving your bouquet in resin, this is another service I offer. It means you will be able to keep your flowers forever and is a unique way of holding your memories. A lot of people dont know about this service and it can often be too late to get your bouquet preserved if you haven't booked in before your wedding, this can cause stress when you should be happily settling into married life or off on your honey moon. If you book in advance then I will save your date so all you have to do is send your flowers to me as soon as possible, then you leave everything else to me and I will send back your finished piece for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned or wish to speak to me about my services please contact me through one of my social media pages (Sophie May Floral on Facebook and Instagram) or send me an email to

Sophie x

- Beth x




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