Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire Share Tips and Tricks on Creating Memories on your Wedding Day

Updated: May 14, 2020

Why you do what you do?

I do what I do because I love to create memories for people that they can look back on it 20/30/40 years time and think ”WOW! This was THE best day of our lives, and we look INCREDIBLE!

I love to freeze single moments in time, so my clients can look back and remember exactly how they felt in the picture. I’m pretty calm under pressure and love being around new people, which is a great combination for a wedding photographer. Being calm on a day that can be full of emotion and stress is really important, it helps put everyone at ease.

What you love most about the industry?

I’ve found the industry to be really friendly and supportive - I love the collaboration and guidance you get from fellow industry suppliers. I network a fair bit, making sure I attend conferences each year to build on my relationships. It’s great to be able to pass on work to fellow photographers and visa versa, which happens a lot when you have a trusted network.

I run my own wedding supplier group in Cambridge where we try and meet once a month over lunch to talk shop and help each other develop our businesses. Meeting face to face really helps stay connected, as being in the wedding industry can be isolating at times.

Favourite creation?

One of my favourite ever shots is this one of Brad’s grandparents. This was taken during his speech when he was talking about them. I love the subtle touch which conveys just how much they are still in love. It’s the small moments like this that I adore and can go unseen if not captured. These are the memories that will live on forever. Brad absolutely loved this shot too, which made me really happy.

Choosing a theme?

When choosing a theme for your wedding day, my advice is to simply choose something that resonates with just the two of you. It’s really easy to be lead by family, friends and social media, but choose a theme that makes YOU happy and shows of YOUR personalities. Be unique, don’t follow tradition and have the best day, your way!

Any tips?

In terms of your day, follow your own path and be you.

Don’t want to cut the cake? You don’t have to have one.

Stressing out about the speeches? Cut them out! Or make them a short toast.

Want to elope just the two of you and stuff the big shebang?? Go for it!

When you start to look for a photographer, then I recommend:

Meeting with them either in person or over Skype. Getting to know your photographer before your wedding day is vital. You’ll spend so much time with them during the day, it’s important that you get along and share the same vision of how the day will go. This works both ways too. Do your homework. Check out different styles and look at work that resonates with you. Do you like natural, candid moments or the more traditional posed photos? Knowing that will help you shortlist. Find out how long they’ll be with you on the day. Will they leave straight after the first dance? What happens if the timings are delayed? Will they still be there? Ask to see a full gallery. This will show you the quality of work throughout a wedding and not just 1 or 2 best shots from the day. It will also give you a better understanding of their style and how they shoot.Ask if they have backup equipment. What happens if their camera breaks? Do they have insurance?

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I cannot thank Lee enough for getting involved with my guest blog series, if you haven't booked your photographer yet, make sure to check his page out!

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