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Updated: May 12, 2020

Welcome to the first of my guest blog posts and Happy New Year. This series is going to consist of Wedding suppliers from photography through to celebrants.

Why I Do What I do

When I was planning my wedding I became enamoured with weddings. I loved every part of the organising and planning, and dreamed of being able to do it for a career. I had previously become a very competent photographer as a hobby, but had not picked up a camera for a while. Nine months later when my first son was born, I picked up a camera again and my passion for photography exploded through taking photos of him. Shortly after, I saw an advert for an established wedding photographer offering to train people in wedding photography, and it went from there! I have now come to the end of my fourth year in wedding photography and I love it more than ever. I get super excited before every wedding, and have the best time while I’m at them. Prior to being a wedding photographer, I was an intensive care nurse which I adored, and I’m so lucky to now be in a second career which I love!

Why I Love The Wedding Industry

There are so many things I adore about the wedding industry its difficult to put it into words. I think the thing I love most about weddings is the happiness and emotions. It is an industry literally built on celebrating love, happiness and adoration, and what can be more wonderful than that? I get an insight into the most personal and intimate days of people lives, find out things about them which are so precious and so personal that it is an absolute honour to be a part of.

Of course, alongside the emotions, I adore the beauty and elegance of the wedding industry. I see some of the most beautiful places in the country, dressed by some of the most talented individuals in the industry to look absolutely perfect. In amongst the beauty, there are always these beautiful little personal touches that make a wedding absolutely individual to that couple and their story.

As a photographer, it is an absolute pleasure to photograph these beautiful weddings, and to be able to create a gallery of photos which reflect the day perfectly and allow couples to relive their wedding, over and over again.

My Favourite Photographs

I have a few that I just can’t choose between.

The first is a night photography photo that I created for Sharon and Nathan on their gorgeous wedding day. With a flash behind them to create a silhouette, and fairy lights to create some lovely bokeh in the foreground, these effects created a beautiful night portrait for them.

The second photo is from Grace and Sams gorgeous wedding at Essendon Country Club this summer. In the early evening, we took a golf buggy ride out to this beautiful lake out on the golf course with a bridge going across the middle of it, where I captured this gorgeous shot of them from the other side of the water. I love the colours, and the symmetry with the bridge running across the middle of the photo.

My final favourite image is of Louise during her bridal preparations at her Mum and Dads house, when she took a moment before leaving for her ceremony to reflect on the day ahead of her. This page won a Bronze award from the Guild of Photographers, and is one I am very proud of. Her beautiful dress had been worn by both her mother and her grandmother, and was such a special dress to the family that it was an honour to be able to capture such a beautiful photograph of her in it.

The Wedding Themes I Love

I love every wedding, but of course there are some themes and colour schemes which are my favourites. I adore elegance, in any colour. I love pale pinks and nude tones, but equally love deep jewel tones, creating cosy feels. For me, the elegance is what makes it beautiful. Small details, delicate sparkle and gorgeous styling all come together to create the most beautiful, elegant weddings. So there isn’t really one specific colour scheme that is my favourite, for me it about the elegance and opulence of a wedding day that makes my heart sing.

My Top Tips for Your Wedding

My absolute top tip is you do you! You are the ones getting married, so make sure your day is exactly how you want it. You are the one who is going to be saying the words, having the kiss and doing the dancing. So your day should look exactly as you wish, choose the colours you want, the words you want in your vows and the songs you want.

Also, have fun! As I said above, this is an industry which revolves around celebrating happiness, so be happy! It is great fun planning your wedding, and I think sometimes people forget that in the stress of what ifs and decision making. So go out there and have fun, and have the best day of your life.



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I cannot thank Nicki enough for writing this blog for me. Thanks so much to Nicki for writing this for me.

Beth x


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