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Updated: May 12, 2020

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I love what I do! It's such a privilege to work with people at significant points in their lives. I take on the full range of floristry work but specialise in weddings and events. I have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic couples over the last few years and I always feel it is such an honour to play a part in their big day. I fell into floristry after getting married myself and putting the flowers together having no prior experience. Looking back on it I must have been crazy but I had such a strong idea of how I wanted the flowers to look I knew I had to try and do it myself. After this, I worked on friends weddings and then decided to take some floristry courses to learn the basics. I come from a creative background, having studied Three Dimensional Crafts at Art College and working as a jeweller for a number of years. I love the creative freedom of working with flowers, every stem is different and the way that colours and textures can be weaved together to create something unique for each client is one of my favourite things. I really love the transient nature of flowers, they are beautiful for a short while but then they die and I start again, thinking about the impermanence of this is an important life lesson for me.

Every wedding I work on has a different feel to it which is something I love about my job, the requirements and style of arrangements can vary wildly from client to client. My favourite part of each wedding though is making the bridal bouquet, I take so much time to create something really beautiful for each bride. I imagine how it will look with the dress she has chosen so that the whole look works well together. It can take a long time and I always check the bouquet in the mirror to make sure that it looks good from all angles. Delivering the flowers can be nerve racking though, I hope that I have managed to create something better than expected. Happy tears from the bride are always a good sign.

I really enjoy working with people, understanding and interpreting a clients brief is a big part of my work. People tend to choose me to be their wedding florist because they love my style. This is a great place to start from and helps me to feel confident that we are on the same page. Always choose a wedding florists whose previous work you like, if their style is very wild and free but you want a very formal look to your flowers then they might not be the best match. Sometimes brides have a very specific idea of the flowers they want to include and will provide a list of varieties. Because I try and work with the seasons I tend to be more vague about the flower varieties I will use, I prefer to talk about the overall feel of the floral arrangements, will they be wild, natural, flower heavy or more foliage based? These parameters are really useful in the design process. Sometimes a client will give me a rough idea of colours that they would like and that's all the information I have, I love a brief with this freedom and allows me to be really creative with the outcome. I will often advise couples to reuse flowers so I create arrangements that can be moved around from the ceremony to the reception. In this way there is not only less waste but they are also getting good use out of their money.

I have worked on weddings in some stunning venues, it is a real perk of the job that I get to travel to new places and discover buildings that I wouldn't necessarily go to if I wasn't working there. I have worked on many weddings in the Cambridge Colleges, it'such a huge privilege to see inside these wonderful places. I have also met so many other lovely wedding suppliers which has been wonderful.

My advice to couples getting married would be to make it as personal as possible, a great wedding and truly special day does not have to reflect how much money has been spent on it. Your guests are there to celebrate with you and putting your heart and soul into the planning will help to create a magical experience for you and everyone there.


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