Hertfordshire Hair Stylist shares Tips and Tricks on choosing your Wedding Hair Style

Updated: May 14, 2020

I have been specialising in bridal hair the past 5 yrs, however I am a fully trained hairstylist.

I adore my job, it comes with challenges but at the end of the day I have so much passion for

hair and making women feel amazing on their special day, I am very much a perfectionist and take time and pride in my work.

I love the wedding industry, i love how creative my brides are getting and how untraditional

weddings are becoming!

My favourite creation, has to be my logo image that i have used on most of my marketing

material. A low textured bun with lots of movement with an added accessory from EdenB studio.

It is a style that I created when I had a day with Victoria Ralph back in 2018 I used my lovely

friend laura as she has the most amazing hair! From that moment I have been working as part

of Victoria’s wedding hair gang - She is a London based bridal hairstylist who is extremely

talented. I think the style really sells my style of bridal hair, very relaxed and effortless, although

would believe these styles take longer to achieve! It’s all in the preparation.

My tips for any brides unsure where to start with their bridal hairstyle is (if they haven’t done

already) to create a printerest board of 2 styles you like the most, about 5 images of both styles

your fond of no more than this. Start following hairstylists on social media, plus photographers to get an idea of what you're thinking for your wedding day style and theme.

Make sure you have your dress chosen prior to your hair trial, you wouldn’t believe how many brides have contacted me prior to getting their dress and its quite hard for us as stylists to recommend styles that suit.

Upon meeting my brides for their trials I also give advice on haircare leading up to their

wedding. Regular trims and weekly conditioning - my favourite weekly treat for my own hair is pure coconut oil, i just pop it on while i’m in the bath and make sure its rinsed well. Its the most natural product for your hair.

I also colour hair and some of my brides from last year had a slight balayage with me prior to

their wedding, it’s not a massive change from what their natural hair colour is but I feel iit

enhances the style for the day whether it being up or down.

Accessories wise - don’t be scared to go against tradition, gone are the days where we used to put a tiara. Try pins, ribbons, flowers/foliage from your florist!

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