Difference between a Wedding Planner and Wedding Co-ordinator

Updated: May 14, 2020

I get asked this question all the time, ‘my venue has a wedding co-ordinator, why would I need a wedding planner?’.

That’s where I bring you this blog to explain this to you. The role of a wedding planner is different from a wedding co-ordinator, keep reading and I will be able to share the difference.

I did a poll on my Instagram page to find out whether people know the difference between a wedding planner and wedding co-ordinator, 39% said they did know and 61% said they did not know - (Instagram page: @misscarlysleco_events).

Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a scary thought, do you have time to spend 200-250 hours on a wedding? Potentially not, if you have a job, spending time with family, general life. Wedding planning is an extra thing to do and the planner will be able to make the planning much more enjoyable for you.

A wedding planner offers a whole range of different services to suit the need of the client, they personally work with you, where they will be at the end of a phone call or email, whenever you need them (within reason).

A wedding planner can provide you with expertise from start to finish of the planning, with their very own contact list, full of trusted vendors and suppliers, where they will be able to provide discounts. They have their very spreadsheets and files that you will be given the chance to use for your planning.

The creation of schedules such as upcoming meetings, contract negotiation, and creating timelines and floor plans, they are able to create this paperwork for you and allow for the day to run as smoothly as possible and for any problems that arise, to be supported without you knowing that it has occurred.

Would you know what questions to ask your potential suppliers? Or what questions to ask at a site tour for your venue? If not a wedding planner will attend with you, they will be able to support you during this, knowing what to ask

Communication is key, being able to communicate with vendors, suppliers and dealing with anything you need them to. Being able to brainstorm ideas about plans for the wedding and what will work best with each of the different ideas.

Wedding planners know the best prices for each supplier and aspect of your wedding, they will be able to support the tracking of your budget and can provide spreadsheets to you.

A wedding planner oversees everything from start to finish. Hire a wedding planner, taking the stress out of the planning and being your support call, especially if you have a short time for planning or no having enough free time. ‘Every Last Detail’ thought about.

Wedding Co-ordinator

The role of a wedding co-ordinator, they are based at a venue and they work with the venue week in week out, however they are not responsible to plan your wedding but to support you on the day. You will most likely meet them a few weeks before (4-6 weeks) your wedding, their job is to only assist you on the day, completing any wedding tasks such as set up and being the main contact of the day. A wedding co-ordinator may most likely have more than one wedding that weekend

If you are a bride who loves creating spreadsheets, completing planning by yourself (with your partner), then you are more likely to go more towards a co-ordinator. It gives you the chance to plan your wedding by yourself.


If you want to completely plan your wedding by yourself then having a wedding co-coordinator to support on the day or if you need support planning due to a wedding taking 250 hours then a wedding planner can support you, you are able to tailor make packages to suit your needs. There is no better investment than knowing that you have someone entirely on your side to support you every step of the way.

If your venue has a wedding co-ordinator nothing stops you from having a wedding planner as well due to the different roles that they have.

My services as a Wedding Planner
  • Full Wedding Planning - from £2000

  • Partial Wedding Planning - from £1600

  • On the Day Coordination - from £700

  • Sourcing of Vendors and Suppliers from £75

  • Hire Décor Items – to be discussed

  • Mood board Creations - £25

Thank you for reading,

Beth x


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