Wedding Planner Bedfordshire Shares Tips on Having a Magician

Updated: May 14, 2020

Dan Voakes Magician based in East Yorkshire who performs regularly in Yorkshire, South Teeside, Lincolnshire, North Derbyshire and other regions.

I suppose the place to start is to explain why I do what I do and it all started as a child when I was given a Paul Daniels Magic Set. I spent hours trying to perfect the tricks and practiced them on my friends at school. Even as a child seeing my friends faces as I made something disappear or made a card move before their eyes I got the bug. Unfortunately after leaving school life got in the way and I had to get a job. Then eight years ago whilst working in retail as a retail manager I was struggling with the stress of the job and taking that stress home with me. I worked alongside a Magician who was another manager within the company who said he would get me into the business as a way of relieving stress. He soon realised that I actually had some skill in the art of magic and showed me the way forward. Taking me through not only Magic but also how to run my business and what ways to help myself get my bookings and to help make people’s big days even more amazing. My life changed from that day. I started performing at parties, weddings, corporate events slowly building my business up to where it is today. I still work full time as a lorry driver during the week but every weekend I have at least one event that I perform at. I love working in the wedding industry making couples days, making their big day even more memorable and I know from weddings I have performed at their guests are still talking about the entertainment long after the event. The best part of performing magic is working with people I guess after working in customer service it is natural but you never tire of people being amazed by what you do right before their eyes. Even the biggest sceptics who say they don’t like magic end up shaking my hand. I love when Brides and Grooms realise how much having this type of close up entertainment to make their day even more memorable for their guests. It really is such a important part of the day as every wedding has natural lulls that are perfect for magicians to fill. Taking part of the stress away from the happy couple knowing that their guests are being entertained really helps them few more at ease on their big day. I perform all types of tricks including using cards, coins, lollipops even chocolate but my favourite creation is a trick that I perform with the classic game Guess Who. What happens is the guest chooses a card and I am able to draw the character they have picked without asking any questions. Leaving them with a picture of their thought of character for them to keep. If I could ever give any tips for people wanting to book a magician then I’d say take your time when booking your entertainment get to know the people who are going to perform at your event, make sure they are right for your event. I make sure that all my couples are kept up to date with regular emails also I offer a free consultation to my couples so they get to see all the magic I will be performing for their guests at their wedding. This gives me the opportunity to get to know them a bit better but also it means I can try and tailor the tricks that I will do at their wedding especially if they have a specific theme. I can also help them at the consultation if there is something that they don’t have booked already. As a magician working in the wedding industry I get to work with lots of different vendors who offer almost everything you could have at your wedding so I can help to recommend someone that could supply what they have missing. At the end of the day a wedding is all about the Bride and Groom and what they want because it is their special day but making sure that people are talking about your big day long afterwards makes it even more special.

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