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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Shadowing opportunity

On the 6th of July 2019, I was lucky enough to shadow a wedding planner, @lucieann_wedding_events on Instagram. Lucie gave me the opportunity to shadow her at a wedding of a couple she had been in contact with for a year and a half.

I arrived at 11:30am to help set up before the guests were due to arrive, the ceremony was starting at 14:00pm. The plan was to set up the signs, work with the staff to ensure everything was correct, support the caterers, help direct the florists and ensure that everything was running smoothly. The day ran smoothly, this was because Lucie was very organisation and had done all of the pre-planning which make sure she knew when everything was due to happy on the day and meant that the day was stress-free.

I left at 10:00pm, this meant that I was able to spend the whole day at the wedding to get a taste of how the day completely runs from end to finish. Lucie really supported me during the day, she helped me by answering my questions, giving me the chance to get fully involved. I am so grateful that Lucie gave me the opportunity to shadow her. Below I have added the pictures that I personally took on the day of the wedding, they will help me to boost my portfolio for future clients and show what events I have been involved with.

The Marquee – Set Up

I have credited the décor company at the end of this blog.

The bride stated that the room was ‘Pinterest perfect’ and she couldn’t be more correct, the marquee was changed from a basic marquee, into a beautiful room full of colour. The caterers did an amazing job with the table set up, they put a lot of time and effort to make sure it was all correct.

Signage/ Order of the Day

The idea of using a wooden pallet for the order of the day promotes the use of nature, especially as they wedding was being held out in the gardens. The pallet has bold writing on which could easily be seen. The use of the leaves over the top fitted in well and gave the overall feeling of nature. Having the signage for the seating arrangements is easier during the day of the event, the sign started off right in the centre so everyone can see where they are sitting and don’t need to keep asking. The signage started off outside and the we took it inside to the barn outside the marquee just before everyone was due to sit down.

It was important to have it outside as it meant that not everyone would be constantly walking inside to check where they were sitting while the caterers etc were finishing off.

Ceremony – The Birdcage

Chenies Manor Houseis an absolutely beautiful location, inside and out, they used the birdcage for the ceremony which as shown in the pictures was beautiful. The area was a big open space, you can use as much of it as you want. In the garden, the birdcage was the centre of attention featuring the bride Steph and groom Adam, with their loved ones around them.


The colour choice of the flowers really fitted in well with the garden, they all linked together and looked beautiful on the tables and around the gardens of Chenies Manor.

Flowers are a big part of a wedding day and are so important that they are correct.

Gifts Table

The gifts table was laid out with leaves to reflect nature, with a post-box on the left. The post-box is a good idea as the family and friends are able to post their cards/ letters to the newly married couple. With the guest book on the table as well, they were able to leave messages and pictures from the wedding day.

Outside area - Steph and Adam


The cake was a 5-tiered cake which was put together by the caterers and decorated with fruit and flowers by the florist. The colours complimented each other and really matched the theme.


I absolutely love the idea of a favour being personal to the bride and groom, ‘spreading the love’ through seeds (your favourite flower) means that when the guests plant these in their gardens, they will always be able to remember your special day and have something memorable to take away with them. The children who attended the day were given a box of toys/ colouring to play with during the meal, this was such a good idea because it meant that they were occupied during the meal. This was an extra thought that had been put in place. Favour don’t need to be a massive gesture, something little can mean so much to the guests.

I am so glad that I was able to get this experience, this is the first of many weddings for me and I cannot wait for what the future holds.

Congratulations to Steph and Adam.

Thank you for reading,

Beth x


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