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Updated: May 7, 2020

Favours on your Wedding Day

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No Wedding or Wedding tables should be without favours. Why? I hear you ask.

They add colour and interest to your tables first of all. If you are giving one favour to each of your guests, they can be placed on the plates or just next to them, they look pretty and create a focal and talking point for your guests, creating a wonder of what is inside. Or they can be displayed on a separate table, with the sweet table and or cake to create a feature. Favours were traditionally given one to each family and given to the lady of the house, many couples still do that today to keep with tradition. But as times have evolved smaller table favours have come into fashion and are currently trending more.

Why do I do what I do?

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I am passionate about what I do. I love working with couples to create something special and unique for them. Getting to know them and their Wedding plans, working with their ideas and mood boards to get a visual sense of what will fit into their day. Playing around with ribbon colours and flowers. It doesn't matter that favours are small, they add an important detail to your day and it's the small details that come together to create the bigger picture.

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What I love the most about the Wedding industry...

I love the versatility of the Wedding industry. I love that every Wedding is different and personal to my couples. There is no template or rule book to the perfect Wedding Day, it's about the couple and showing their personalities through the details, colours and themes they use. I love that there so many talented suppliers in the industry,  many of which are local which I can work together with, liasing with them and making sure that our details and ideas come together.

It's hard to choose, but this is one of my many favourite creations

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When my client first contacted me, she was looking for traditional Italian style bomboniere for her daughter's Wedding. Being of Italian background herself she was looking for a substantial favour gift to give one per family, traditionally given to the lady of the house.

Her daughter's Wedding was taking place on the Halloween weekend in October and so the couple were incorporating colours which were elegant and autumnal, and were associated with Halloween. after. She told me the colours they were looking to incorporate, so I set about designing these boxes decorated with a mix of pumpkin orange ribbon and night sky teal. They contained porcelain tea cup gifts with a traditional bomboniera tulle to encase the 5 traditional sugared almonds, a must for an Italian Wedding and also decorated with an orange tea rose in the centre. The box was completed with a personalised name tag with the couple's names and Wedding date.


When people say theme, we often think of Disney or Harry Potter. Although this is ok if it reflects your love of these great films, they can be incorporated in fun ways by way of table names and table plans.  A theme is the overall style of your Wedding. It can be rustic, elegant, boho and many more. Itcan be overwhelming as there are so many ideas out there. So where do you start?  Take your time, do your research and see what would fit in with your day and add a bit of your personality too. Look deeper into your roots and see if there is something from old or traditional you can use as part of your theme. I have designed for many Weddings where the Italian heritage goes back a generation or two, and the couple want to incorporate it into their day. This is where Italian bomboniereare perfect or with a modern twist as table favours still using the 5 traditional sugared almonds representing Health, Wealth, Love, Longevity and Fertility for the happy couple. You will roughly know what style you like and are drawn to and finding your venue will certainly help you to decide this. I suggest tying your theme in with the look of the venue. If you choose a barn, then this lends itself to rustic styling, hessian and lace drapes, white roses. If you choose a London hotel with gold ornate details and opulent tables and chairs, then this shouts elegance at its finest. Think crystal and porcelain and dainty elegant details with simple and luxurious favours.

There are many ways to give your favours to your guests to make sure they get taken home.

Traditionally favours were displayed on a table next to the cake. Creating an eye catching display creates interest for your guests and the beautifully decorated boxes also add colour and elegance. These were then handed one to each of the ladies of the household as they said goodbye to the happy couple at the end of the night. This is a great way to make sure they get taken home.

Use them as table settings with individually personalised names. They add colour and interest and a talking point when your guests sit down to eat and if beautifully made and eye catching, your guests will want to take them home and discover the goodies inside or some people open them there and then, the suspense is too much!

Another way (which I did for my own Wedding, I had favour flower stems which were displayed in a basket) Between courses, we went around all the tables, said hello to all our guests and handed out the favours. This is a great way to talk to everyone, personally give them the favour as a way of thanking them for coming and adds a lovely personal touch and another job done before everyone starts dancing. You can then relax and enjoy the evening.

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Here at Bomboniere, all of my collections are handcrafted using the finest materials and skills, working closely with you to create something unique for your special occasion, to encapsulate your theme, personality and venue, having made bomboniere for Weddings at the Dorchester, London, Hampton Court Palace and many more

My designs and style for my favours have been inspired by the many Italian weddings and special occasions I've been to since I was a child. I've always created with the style and flair I have as an Italian that comes I guess from my Italian heritage being an English Italian this is carried through from our daily lives to our special occasions. Giving favours or "bomboniere" as they are known in Italy, is a big part of the day and a lot of time and care is spent in choosing them. Italian bomboniere have become more and more popular as wedding favours outside of Italy due to their uniqueness, delicate craftsmanship and beautiful design, making them the perfect choice for any wedding. Italian bomboniere have evolved through the years to keep up with trends and markets as people appreciate more the practicality of a bomboniera and now having them as smaller table favours.

I hope you have found my tips useful to help you to plan your day.

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