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Updated: May 14, 2020

When it comes to finding your style, there’s so much to consider. A wedding is a joyful occasion, where two people are pledging their love and devotion to each other. Memories and photos from a wedding will last a lifetime.  The style of the wedding links with the venue, the followers and the subtle decorations, finding the right style that works best for you is vital. My first style that I am going to talk about is the “blush” style, inspiration from this theme comes from tones of pink and peach. These colours set the tone for a soft, natural and beautiful wedding. It is a delicate and dreamy colour which creates a romantic theme. From the flowers, to the glassware, to the candles, the balloons etc. The colour pink represents love and kindness, the reason to why this is a popular wedding colour is that it's due to showing each other love and it’s a warm and comforting colour. Pinterest is a life saver for pictures and inspirations. I have a folder on my Pinterest account of my blush inspirations.

*all images added below are from Pinterest*

Place settings 

When it comes to setting out the place settings, you need to consider a few things such as what type of plates you want that link with your theme. As with blush you can have gold rimmed plates or pattern rimmed plates, where the plates are china. From this you can decide that you are going to have a certain coloured napkin, which might be light pink, and cotton. Cutlery needs to match, you are able to use caterer’s cutlery if they have any or you can look in vintage shops. charity shops and find out what they potentially have in stock. You have to consider the glassware, how do you want the wine glasses to look as well as the water glasses, they need to complement each other and be of the same design. 


Flowers for a wedding day can be expensive, however you can use a trick of reusing flowers from the ceremony to the evening. From the blush style you can create a secret-garden feel, by using ivy and roses. When it comes to centrepieces, you must consider the height of the centrepiece, you might not realise what the height can do, you should either make sure that the centrepiece is low enough for people to talk over or high enough so that people can talk under. From the photo above you can see that they opted for a high centrepiece, if you get the height wrong then it can mean that guests are unable to talk to someone across the table as they aren't able to talk through the flowers which can change the atmosphere and be hard or guests to communicate. If you use soft colours from the blush style which are light pinks, creams, peaches and link these together then they can really complement each other and give a soft, loving affect. 


When picking a dress, it can be hard to please everyone but you do want the dresses to match the theme. With the blush theme, for bride’s maids you can have peaches, or light pinks, as shown above light pink is a beautiful colour and this shows in the dress. Choosing the brides maids dresses can be difficult but as soon as you know what colour you want, it can make the decision easier. 


Backdrops can be inside or outside, they can be a place where you take your pictures such as behind your Photo Booth. Backdrops are beautiful, linking with the blush style, using flowers and put the colours together with the light pinks, creams, peaches as they complement each other and can increase the love and romantic setting. the different colours 


Ceiling decorations can really fill a space that may seem empty in a large area such as a barn or marquee, you can really be adventurous, filling the space. What works best for you, is it filling the ceiling with lanterns especially on a spring evening when it starts getting darker they will really light up the space. You can use candles, small lights and even small flowers, the flowers will bring a beautiful fresh smell, as well as this bringing a floral feature with the natural flowers hanging down. This can create a spring/ summer feeling as well as showing the romantic side of the idea. You might not even consider the ceiling and making the space pretty, but it can really bring an area together. 

Food and Beverage

Traditionally, the cake is a three-tiered cake. In regards to the blush style, having a light pink or white cake with flowers going up the side fits in well. It is simple but beautiful, and seems to flow well with the theme. As we are on the topic of food, this can link with the beverages, examples include pink champagne, rose wine and many more. They are elegant drinks.

With the drinks on your wedding day, you must spend time thinking what drinks you are going to have for the guests enter and for the toast. What are you going to have for the drink, are you going to have any natural resources inside such as rose petals. The drink linking with the style can show that you have really linked each aspect together. When doing my research into wedding styles, I was going in blind, I didn't truly know how many there were and blush stood out to me straight away. It's a very romantic style with beautiful colours flowing through, shows love and affection which is perfect for a wedding.

For more blush style ideas, you can find them on my Pinterest which I update daily -

Thank you for reading,

Beth x

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