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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I am a young individual who aspires to be an event planner, I am 20 years old and hold a wide range of qualifications. I have never really known what I wanted to do and where I wanted my life to take me, I have changed my mind a multiple of times but I have learnt in the last few years that it doesn’t matter how many times you change your mind, as long as you are happy in what you are doing.

I completed my A levels in 2017 and went straight into full time work at a nursery, I worked in the nursery for 15 months completing a Level 3 in Childcare and Young People. I met some amazing people during my time at the nursery and have made some friends for life.

I took a break from full time work for around a month, I spent this time catching up with friends and family, working part time at South Beds Golf Club and looking for a job which I knew I would love. It took me the whole month to find the perfect job, which is an Activities Co-ordinator/ Support worker for the Enabled Project. This job is so rewarding for a range of reasons, I am the person that these individuals see during their day, whether this is going out for a coffee, going to the cinema, going for a walk, anything that they want to do that day. I plan some days out in advance, to make sure the day is as successful as possible. I enjoy seeing these individuals happy and that they are able to share everything and anything with me.

Event planning….

I have been working at South Beds since January 2018, I work 1 day and 2 evenings a week, whether its running the bar, waitressing, or running events. I saw a gap in their market where they don’t run many external events, e.g. weddings, baby showers, parties etc. I brought this up to my manager a few months ago and now here I am getting myself ready for work experience and understanding the full works of becoming an event planner. I have always had a passion for events, being involved in and going to, so I told myself why don’t you give it a chance?

I spend around one hour per day conducting research on events, whether this is how to run the event, themes, and overall how to run a business. As I work full time I sometimes find it hard fitting it all in! But I try to plan for this hour each day where I sit down and search up different blogs, watch some YouTube videos and sometimes go through Pinterest. I try to sit at my downstairs dinner table as this is where I am most productive but some days I chill in my room on my bed and my dog tends to join me for some company.

This journey is just beginning and I am looking forward to see where it’s going to take me!

Beth x

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