Wedding Planner Cambridgeshire Shares Nine Different Wedding Favours Ideas

Updated: May 7

What wedding favours to have on your wedding day... if you are adding favours into your budget then make sure that they are meaningful and that your guests will take them home after the wedding.

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1) Seeds - Spreading the love, where the guests can plant your favourite flowers or a small tree in their garden, they will remember your day every-time they see it.


2) Cookies - To be eaten with tea or coffee.


3) Personalised Shot Glasses - A keepsake.


4) Small Bottle of Bubbles


5) Puzzle Piece Keyring - Taking a piece of the day away


6) Fortune Cookies


7) Personalised Candles


8) Scratch Card - Your special day is full of luck, love and happiness so why not give everyone a scratch card, will get the guests talking!


9) Hangover Kit - To suit your guests needs after a night of partying!


Here are my 9 tips for choosing different wedding favours, if you want to know more wedding tips and tricks then watch my blog for more.

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