Wedding Planner Bedfordshire Shares Five Wedding Planning Top Tips

Updated: May 11, 2020


The morning of your wedding day, don't forget to eat breakfast, its going to be a long day, especially if you want to drink champagne early. It is so important to make sure that you have enough to eat, and eating food that makes you feel comfortable and won't bloat you.

Designated Texter

Designated texter, this could be your wedding planner. Guests can contact them and be given immediate attention so you can relax and enjoy your day.

You are unlikely to have any time during the day of your wedding to text all your guests any information, if you have a wedding planner they will be more than happy to be the point of contact during the day of your wedding as they are willing to support you any way that they can.


Have you parents or groomsman greet the guests who are arriving at the ceremony site, they can directions and set the right tone of the day.

As well as having signage, you want your guests to know exactly where they are going.


At the wedding, have a basket with envelopes and have guests fill out their addresses, it will save you time when sending out thank you-notes.

Make sure you tell your guests beforehand about the basket as you don't want anyone to forget to write out their address.

Quiet moment...

Take some time away with your new husband on the day, for at least 30 minutes to walk around the venue and chill out.

You will regret not having your own time, even though the day is about the two of you, you may not realise how full on the day is, so take some time away to breath and spend time together.

Thank you for reading my second 5 top tips for Wedding Planning.


Miss Carlysle and Co

Wedding and Event Planner


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